P.A.A.S. (Phonically Activated Amped Systems)

P.A.A.S. (Phonically Activated Amped Systems)

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Street conscious Emcee using Hip Hop music and culture as a platform for enlightenment.


Artist/Activist/Entrepreneur/Teacher Paul Matthews (P.A.A.S) mantra since day one has been to elevate the game, and has been since 1991, spittin' in clubs and jams from Denver to San Diego to NY, pushing himself and others to contribute to Hip-Hop by challenging each other to grow/move/change through knowledge and skills.

P.A.A.S cultivates his artistic craft continuously, now as a soloist and through collaborations with like-minded musicians including Future Jazz Project and Break Mechanics. He has shared the stage with greats like KRS-ONE, Slick Rick, The Roots, Zap Mama and Al Green, to underground legends like Ozmatli, Psycho-Kinetics, Gift of Gab, Rah Foundashun and Rhythm Vision. He regularly turns out venues such as the Denver Black Arts Festival, Westword Music Showcases, Denver's People's Fair and the Coors Jazz Fest, skillfully rocking crowds varying from 20 people to 2,000 people with his flow adaptability and freestyle flare.

Combining his passion for music and stand for social justice and positive Hip-Hop, P.A.A.S continues to be a bold and courageous leader/teacher in his community, and maintains a strong commitment to grassroots organizations working toward this end. From his presidency of the Black Student Alliance at Metro State in 2001, and alumni of the African-American Leadership Institute and to being the Program Director of the Colorado Hip-Hop Coalition, P.A.A.S unequivocally evokes the spirit of a world visionary. His political commentary is continuously sought for, giving voice to dozens of radio stations, appearing in the UCD Advocate, as well as the Colorado Commission on Higher Education.

Music critics have taken notice of this wordsmith, praising his intellect, flow and creativity. P.A.A.S has been featured in the Westword with Future Jazz Project winnners of the 04’ and 05’ “Westword Best Jazz Group”, and with the Break Mechanics who were nominated for '04 and '05 "Westword Best Hip Hop Group" award.

P.A.A.S is making playa moves in 2007 as he launches his solo career, dropping his concept mixtape this January with EPs, singles and a full length album in the Summer, he is always continuing on his spiritual path toward evolution.


Future Jazz Project, Check One, 2003
Break Mechanics, Self Titled LP 2004
P.A.A.S. Legend of the East Side Writah 2007
P.A.A.S. The Real World Denver Mixed Tape 2007
P.A.A.S. Over The Influence Mixed Tape (Vol. 1) 2007
P.A.A.S. Splinter Cell EP 2007

Set List

Set List:
1.Pick it Up
2. Whos the man
3. The Anthem
4. I Feel You
5. L.O.V.E.
6. Dedication to Smoke
7. 5 min. DJay break
Approx. set list time:25 -30mins.
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