Pablo Blaqk

Pablo Blaqk

 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Cuban American singer songwriter with entrancing vocals that combines the best elements of soul and folk, with a stirring ambient blues sound.


"Singer songwriter born to Cuban parents & a Military lineage , Pablo Blaqk picked up the guitar at 18 after his father declined his request for a gun. On his debut album, Sons & Daughters, he proves he made the right choice." -Slug Magazine. As an unsigned artist, he's shared the stage with monster acts like Moody Blues, John Legend, John Forte, Neon Tree's, Imagine Dragons, Great Lake Swimmers, Joshua James. In May, he was asked to open for Adele on her 2011 North American tour for her release of "21". Pablo is taking the world by storm—and with a growing international audience and an upcoming tour—he plans on doing just that. He has just released his debut album "Sons & Daughters" worldwide on Itunes & Amazon which he produced himself & also with the help of friends Joshua James, Marcus Bently & others. Follow him on Youtube & Twitter.

SO FAR IN 2010-2012:

- Performed at Unveiling of OPRAH WINFREY's Sirius talk show
- Supported ADELE on a portion of her U.S. Tour & Legends Moody Blues
- Performed at SNOOP DOGG's after party at Sundance film festival
- Opened for JOHN LEGEND, JOSHUA JAMES, Imagine Dragons, Neon Tree's JOHN FORTE Garth Hudson from Bob Dylans The Band, Jenny O.
-Amassed an astonishing 1,000,000 hits on youtube in the past year
-His song "Find Your Way", entered into the Folk/Singer-Songwriter category, was selected as a semi-finalist in the 2011 International Songwriting Competition (ISC). With over 16,000 entries in ISC 2011, an incredible accomplishment, for a first release judged by Tom Waits & other renowned writers Major Label owners which has produced winners like Kimbra Miss Higgins & other rising stars. ISC Comp is one of the most respected writers comp in the world. Pablo Blaqk is rising


Find Your Way

Written By: Pablo Blaqk

Open your heart open your soul
And let me slide on in
you are my love you are my light
that always guides my way
through this black maze of flesh and pain

you always push me through
if you fall fast love Ill carry you
until it all comes shining through

Oh love I love you I do I do I do
You always stand by me your still true
O Love you you hold me you do you do you do
There you are & you still love me ya still
When I set you free You always find your way
Back to my heart you always find your way

Open your mouth sincere & slow
Lay my lips on top of your
And every part you break me with
Surrender all your ghost
Love trust in the things I say
Release all of your ghost
With broken fingers I built you this home
Love I always find my way.

Oh love I love you I do I do I do
For now will live off this country land
You always hold me you do you do you do
There you are you stand by me You still love me
When I set you free

Lay Me Down

Written By: Pablo Blaqk

Drag my body to the sea, so I can wash my hands & feet.
Put my weary eyes to sleep, waves crash over me

And Lay me down aaah so lay me down
Aaah so lay me down aaah so lay me down

They cut off my ears & eyes but I can feel my soul again
the good lord will guide me now & tell my sons I was weak
That my blood stains these shores red not to follow me

It's a Bloody war & very blind world
that I have.. that I have fallen for

Dont you tell me that none of this is aint real
That I might be dreaming, because Im finally not scared
& hold me closer now until theirs nothing left of me
& lay me down the currents strong & it's pulling me farther
down down down

So Lay me down aaaah so lay me down aaah so lay me down
aah so lay me down So line up the white sheep & lets commence the slaughtering of our innocence, until theres nothing left of me & lay me down.


Sons & Daughters (2011) The Vibrant Sound-Downtown (2010) co written songs: vocals, melody & lyrics "Industrial Revolution", lyrics "Downtown" & lyrics & melody "Abolitionist Newspaper" played on MTV & VH1

Set List

60 to 75 minutes of mostly original material, peppered with few unique covers.