Pablo Picker

Pablo Picker


"Pablo Picker is a Boston-based songwriter whose unique vocals and musical simplicity reminds one of Elliot Smith and Nick Drake. His hauntingly beautiful songs and stage presence are nothing short of mesmerizing, making Pablo an undiscovered gem to say the least."


In 2007, Pablo self released his second album '171 Nail Counted then Dropped' which received strong reviews. Now, almost two years later, after spending his time between the United States, South America, and Europe, collaborating with trumpeter Alex Toth (Rubblebuckt & John Brown's Body) on the musical project 'Santiago Treats', and composing music for the short film "Le Boxeur"...Pablo heads back into the studio to begin work on his third solo album. Fans will be happy to know that Pablo is also getting back out on the road, planning an east coast tour to kick off 2010.



Written By: Pablo Picker

i am fake. plastic and fake. don't touch me. don't touch me. oh so i'll cry. i'll just stand down and cry. i feel desperate. sometimes i get desperate. so i'll scream, for weeks I will scream. do you love me? i'll scream again and again, do you love me?

so i'll drive. i'll just think and drive. pass me. pass me. you know it was something. i can't quite remember but it was something. i was something. we all were something. so pull me back. pull me back. we are drowning. and i feel desperate.

so i'll scream. for weeks i will scream. do you love me? i'll scream. again. and again. do you love me? so i drive. i just think and drive. pass me.

pass me

WRite home about it

Written By: Pablo Picker

round them up. all is long, to carry this home. round them up. the tracks are strong. to carry us home. so sleep in my arms. they're laying down stones. you look ill. and sleep in my arms, and pray. you look ill.

a pick in the ice. it went up in flames. scratch came in, the ruins they became. this building. this building. it's building. it's building..can't control it. this whispering, this whispering. can't control it...write home about it.


Written By: Pablo Picker

do you feel like flying? i don't fear you. i just want you to carry me home. you know, we're changing. yellow blood lives. and we suffer as we grow. but now I need you. millions push me. keep me out I say let me go. and I must tell you, we can make it. we can make it long and loud. yea, so i'm walking. and you're running. and I'm screaming from behind.....


Written By: Pablo Picker

and you told me it would change. and I believe every word that you spoke. but I dreamt we were statues. built never to move. but you know we were people. shinning and sinking and love. one thing i know. one thing i know. some things, they get lost.

and it's the words that you spoke. sink deep in my blood. and i wish, and I wish, I could see you smile again. it's the more that you give's the weaker I become. and a man, i am a man. and I need your love.

take me across.
lift me up with a thousand words
paint me in anger, paint me in love
take me across
lift me put with a thousand words
one thing i know, some things I know. some things they get lost

and i caught you on the floor. you still holding on. and I knew and you knew, that we needed so badly to walk. walk. miles alone...but I can't, I will not. this is love. this is love. and I feel it because it's lost.


2007 "171 Nails Counted then Dropped"

2007 "Le Boxeur" - Sountrack

2003 "Seeking Shadows"

Set List

Pablo does short and medium sets. A typical set list includes mostly originals :

Write home about it
I won't be alone
State your Intentions
and many more....

Pablo's family is from Chile, South America and he will occasionally perform cover songs in Spanish, including :

Te doy una Cancion (Silvio Rodriguez)
Cucurrucucu (Caetano Veloso)
Penelope (Juan Serrat)