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The story so far…
PACESETTER are a five piece rock band from Brisbane, Australia. They have played shows both locally and interstate since early 2002, and have appeared alongside such acts as Spiderbait, Butterfingers, Sunk Loto, The Spazzys, Giants of Science, Shifter, The Camels, The Daybridges, The Devoted Few, King Mungi and Vanlustbader. The band has toured extensively throughout regional Queensland and has taken in parts of New South Wales, the ACT and Victoria.

PACESETTER’s latest release, a double a-side featuring live favourite Needle No’s and brand new track Agent Orange, is the follow up to their 2004 debut EP “Red Letter Morning” which received airplay on Australia’s youth network Triple J (Richard Kingsmill’s Pick of the Week on ‘Home & Hosed’), The Austereo Network and countless regional broadcasters.

“Red Letter Morning is a strong entrance and with tenacity and timing, Pacesetter could develop something outstanding.” Oz Music Project

“Like it or lump it, we’ll be hearing more from Pacesetter.” Robert Lukins-Time Off

“Kurt Sanders is an excellent front man, and leads the band through a set of powerful rock tunes that could easily sit alongside anything on radio today.”
The Daybridges, The Camels, Polyvinyl, Pacesetter @ The Zoo- Hannah Cowell, Time Off Gig Review

The Needle No’s/Agent Orange Double A-Side was recorded with one of Brisbane’s finest independent producers Bryce Moorhead (Iron On, Sekiden, The Daybridges, Screamfeeder), and is by far Pacesetter’s most impressive and harder edged release to date. Stocked full of Reznor-like lyrics with a Jimmy Eat World chaser, the disc was released through Red Letter Records/MGM Distribution on November 21st,2005 and was launched at The Rev in Brisbane on Saturday 22nd October 2005. The first single, Needle No’s, has just been added to rotation on Australia’s national youth broadcaster Triple J and has also received airplay on regional stations and NOVA Sydney.

“This double A-side warrants a few listens. The first time will draw you in, but it’s the subsequent listens that make you realise how great Needle No’s’ is. With fast-paced, disco drumming and smart, dirty guitar licks, this Brisbane band can justify their statement that they’ve “gone from jingly, summer-day melodies to songs about junkies losing their shit” because it works! Agent Orange’ is a more melodic rock track, but features a killer chorus. Keep your ears out for these guys.” Time Off

Pacesetter are: Kurt Sanders (guitar, vox), Stu Cooper (guitar, keys, vox), Michael Speranza (guitar), Liam Hatherly (Bass, vox) & Josh Cobb (drums).


Needle No's

Written By: Pacesetter

Wake up to the melancholy,
Coffee stains the air,
Find that I'm not there,
Discover that I never cared.

Walk out, into the spotlight,
That is the everyday,
Ignoring what they say,
Ignoring that you're on display.

Yeah, she's got the Needle No's, ply her,
Ply her away, ply her away.

Sleep now, crystal tear,
Top of a porcelain cheek,
As the day exits,
And tomorrow still does not exist.

Yeah, she's got the Needle No's, ply her,
Ply her away, ply her away.

Agent Orange

Written By: Pacesetter

I can't recall if I should breathe at all,
Cos it felt just like a conversation with a sub-terranean homesick alien,
All the books in all the world, turned white with fear to forget the girl,
It's just not right, it's fractured light, it's left of the middle.

Free your mind of perfect Agent Orange eyes,
I sleep while losing memories sublime,
It feels just like a manic blue surprise.

I'm having trouble keeping time, cos I've never felt this colourblind,
From agent orange to manic blue, it's always retrospect with you,
Houses tumble, waters rise as we lay upon the thinning ice,
I've tried to hide now I try to fight, now I'm right of the middle.

Free your mind of perfect Agent Orange eyes,
I sleep while losing memories sublime,
It feels just like a manic blue surprise.


2004 - Red Letter Morning EP. Features radio singles 'Distant Echoes' and 'Spin'. Both recieved airplay on JJJ National Radio, B105 and countless regional stations.

2005 - Double A-Side Needle No's/Agent Orange

Needle No's added to rotation on JJJ National, spot plays on NOVA Sydney and regional stations.

Set List

1. Wake Up
2. Distant Echoes
3. Trigger Sad
4. Mr Epstein
5. One Hand
6. Red Letter Morning
7. Berlin Chair (You Am I cover)/ The Letter B (Giants of Science cover)
8. From The Road
9. Novocaine
10. Agent Orange
11. Needle No's

This is a typical 45 Min set.