Pacific Ocean Fire

Pacific Ocean Fire


Pacific Ocean Fire pick up where Gram Parsons, Neil Young, and Dennis Wilson left off. Leading the resurgent UK Americana crowd, POF have just finished recording their latest album which will be out in 2009.


Pacific Ocean Fire was formed in late 2001. Brothers Andy and Jon Bennett began working with Ross Voce' and were joined by David Fellows after seeing them perform as a 3 piece. They had the luxury of David's home studio and a quiet place to work so recording began almost immediately. They released 2 eps in the UK, one of which was picked up by a U.S. label, Smokey Lung in 2005.
POF began working on their full length album in late 2005, working in two locations: in a room over the Leicester train station and in a room in David's home. The lack of a clock and the odd hours they worked (late at night when the trains weren't running) lends a casual lo-fi vibe to the album, "From the Station to the Church We Are Under the Same Stars" which debuted in the UK in 2006 on sorted Records. The reviews were excellent (an example: “what a way to make your debut: these eleven songs are a beautiful collection of wistful, poetic 2am music, the sort of stuff you probably have to be alone and in a reflective mood to appreciate properly. It's low-key and often lovelorn, and every song on the album stands up in its own right…” -
Incorporating a few new tunes and a new continent, POF released "Strangers and Deranged Patients" on Azra Records in March 2008. A wild 2 week tour of the U.S. West Coast supported the release.
Taking cues from American songwriters (Jimmy Webb, Gram Parsons, Brian Wilson) and both British and American writers (Richard Brautigan, Charles Bukowski), there's a ragged country feel to the tunes with a definite ear for quality lyrics. Contemporaries run the lines of Tindersticks, Calexico, Thin White Rope.
The boys are currently working on new material and will have 12 to 15 new songs ready for early 2009. 4 of those songs are available for your listening pleasure right here on Sonicbids. We will be at SXSW 2009. Enjoy!


"Pacific Ocean Fire" (Smokeylung E.P, U.S. 2005)
"From the Station to the Church We are All Under the Same Stars" (Sorted full length, U.K. 2006)
"Strangers and Deranged Patients" (Azra Records full length, U.S. March 2008)
Currently working on new material (4 songs attached)