Pacific Stereo

Pacific Stereo


Loud indie rock band.


Your laughter bounced between the walls of the alley and chased me up to the roof. We stood like statues and swore like sailors. The endless tornadoes of birds, cascading into the exhaust chutes of the abandoned buildings downtown, signaled the end of the summer. But, it wasn't sad at all. Everyone's gotta find someplace warm for a while. You smiled so big, your eyes almost closed. Hit me like that again, and I promise to kiss you on the forehead every night before you sleep. Every beer we drank, we set sail off of the roof. The construction site across the street was littered with thousands of brown, giggling diamonds, hatched from an afternoon's worth of am radio. There's a lot to be said for skipping out of work for twist-offs at dusk. We want to provide the soundtrack, laughter, and shit-eating grins, to go along with even an hour of this afternoon. Just take all that other jive and stash it in a corner. Let's all do something good for each other again. Let's bask in the warmth of honest interaction. Let's drink beer and smile. Let's rock the fuck out and kiss each other like we're about to go to jail. Let's have fun.

Pacific Stereo was formed in Birmingham, AL February of 2004 and started playing live immediately. Sharing the stage around the southeast with the likes of Mike Watt, The Burning Brides, Verbena, Brant Bjork and the Bros., The Sammies, TSAR, Injected, The Talk, Trainwreck and Taylor Hollingsworth.

December of 2004 filmed their first video for "C'mon (Go Stereo)" with Jon Holland the filmer/editor for Transworld Skateboard Magazine.

Currently putting the final touches on songs for their imminent release.


Transworld Skateboard Magazine DVD's
Subtleties: 2004 20,000 copies sold
featured songs: C'mon (Go Stereo) and Goth Rocker VS. Sunday Afternoon

First Love: 2005 30,000 copies sold
featured songs: Royal Flush and Happy, Dumb and Proud

Upcoming releases: Skybucket Records Compilation

Set List

set list:
Cloud of Hammers
Knuckles Full of Teeth
Goth Rocker VS Sunday Afternoon
Nags Heads Revisited
Breaking the Speed of Nitrous Oxide
Happy, Dumb and Proud
West Coast
Feel Like Death
C'mon (Go Stereo)
The Time Machine

Sets our generally 30-45 minutes depending on spot in the line-up.