Pacific UV

Pacific UV


Everything is soft around the edges, like a winter drizzle. Taking pictures and forgetting to focus. Noise X melody X sadness x glitch who really would pretend they can describe music with words anyway? (besides dave mathews)


Band formed five years ago and spent two years in studio to make first album. This is the perfect make out record that is best listened to in the winter. Rolling Stone called it an "ambient masterpiece."

Live, Pacific UV is equal parts noise and melody. Jesus and mary chain meets eric satie meets aphex twin meets sam cooked meets primal scream meets spiritualized.

sales pitch initiated. wait for money to come in from
three different marketing avenues


Debut 8 songs LP issued in september of 2003 on WARM Records (home of azure ray and eric bachman). Went top 75 in CMJ and received glowing reviews in Rolling Stone, Alternative Press, and The Big Takeover among others.

Set List

set list:
1. static waves
2. maryanne
3. chemical
4. save yourself
5. suicide
6. let you know

set lasts 35 minutes