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Padik, 2000



Padik is a quartet playing Baluchi folk music with a fresh open minded approach. Abdulrahman Surizehi is a performer of the Baluch folk instrument benju, and shares his big repertoire with Padik, consisting of singer Rostam Mirlashari, hardanger fidller Anne Hytta and percussionist Fredrik Gille.Padik means jingle in Baluchi, a type of jewel which women in Baluchistan wear on their ankles when dressing up.

Padik was formed in 2001 as a collaboration around Rostam Mirlasharis record with the same name. Since then Padik has played in many different places around Europe and the Middle East.

Baluchistan, in southeastern Iran, has its own particular culture and music strong and original which attracts people way beyond its borders.
Singer Rostam Mirlashari and multiinstrumentalist Abdulrahman Surizehi both live in exile in Scandinavia and create, with their open minded and curious approach to music, always new opportunities for exchange and interaction with other musicians and other traditions.
Together with hardanger fiddler Anne Hytta from Norway and percussionist Fredrik Gille from Sweden, they form the quartet “PADIK” which plays Baluchi music with and extra colour of the Nordic folk music.

Rostam Mirlashari
Voice, sings traditional and modern music from Baluchistan, Iran.
Also lead vocalist in the group Golbang.
Recordings, amongst many others; two solo albums and three with Golbang.

Abdulrahman Surizehi
Benjo, a cittra from Baluchistan
Tours all over the world as a soloist and as a member of different groups.
Recordings, amongst many others;
editions on the label Ocora, Golbang, Etnisk Musikklubb
The sacred music of Balochistan,
and many folk music editions in the Balouchi world.

Anne Hytta
Performer of the Norwegian hardanger fiddle, a fiddle with sympathetic strings and an own repertoire of distinct, highly original tunes. Hytta both performs the traditional repertoire of the instrument, as well as creating her own experimental music in groups like her own trio Slagr, which performed at Womex in 2010.

Fredrik Gille
Swedish percussionist. He collects instruments, playing-techniques and inspiration from percussion-traditions all around the world. He has a great passion for worldwide percussion-traditions, and learning about sounds, techniques and origins of such a variety of drums has given him a colourful spectrum of musical expressions.