Wilderness folk. Many of the songs were written in or inspired by my time living in a yurt on a Spanish mountain. The music is about nature, climate change, interconnection between self and world. Songs, reviews and more info at


My name is Padma. I am a singer-songwriter, blogger, part-time yurt-dweller and Buddhist.

My debut album, ‘Here’, was produced by Holy McGrail (synth and fx for Slomo, Julian Cope and Sunn 0))) ). It came out in 2008 on Just Music and got some very nice reviews. It has been getting radio play around the world and I have so far been interviewed on radio 2 and radio 3 in the UK.

‘Song for an Entryphone’ was Julian Lennon’s ‘Pick of the Week’ on Below Zero, a Californian radio show. It was also chosen for the soundtrack of the award-winning film ‘Bigboy_74′, which was shown on MTV2.

You can buy the album from iTunes, Amazon and most digital retailers. Or you can buy it directly from Just Music.

I am currently (Nov 2009) working on my second album, which deals with issues around nature, the wild, climate change, and alternative politics, from a personal perspective.


Padma hails from a small suburban town near Sheffield in the North of England. He has been a practising Buddhist for 15 years and at one time intended to spend his life as part of a Buddhist Order. In the end it was his inability to cope with that exact thing – order – that led to him going his own way, choosing instead the path of the artist.

It is common for committed Buddhists to take Buddhist names, and for that name to be both a goal and the path to it. ‘Padma’ means ‘lotus’. Beginning its life in the mud at the bottom of the pond, the lotus intuitively finds its way to the sunlight, where it opens out its petals and celebrates. It’s about integrating the spiritual life with the realties of life, and not getting caught up in being too ’spiritual’ – at least not in any false way. It’s also about trusting that you naturally know your way – a lotus doesn’t need a map to find the water’s surface.

In 2005 Padma suffered a near-fatal brain haemorrhage, followed by emergency brain surgery. As soon as he was well enough, he packed up, left London, and headed for the hills. Padma now lives between Vancouver, the UK and a yurt in the Spanish Pyrennes.


Untitled, EP, 2005
Love Music, Hate Racism compilation 2006 (1 track of mine was included)
Here, album, 2008
Currently working on 2nd album to be released 2010

Set List

Can be tailored to fit requirements - anything up to 1.5 hours. Last set was 40 mins. Set list was as follows:

Firelight Dance
With My Friends
Route 666
Half a Person
When U Don't Really Like Yourself
Song for an Entryphone
It's Done
The Ballad of G and Eva