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Post Adolescence

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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"Robin Fairbanks, Music Director"

Upon listening to Post Adolescence, one would believe they’re from across the pond with soaring guitars and catchy riffs reminiscent of Queen. Post Adolescence has studied their Pop/Punk icons well and have created a Pop romp, tension-filled vulnerability all their own.

There’s definitely a Bowie-eque, Spider From Mars quality but darker. Lead singer, Johnny Straube’s soaring falsettos are neo-nostalgic, breathy, fragile with a ‘hell yeah’ punk bent. His delivery is anguished, tormented yet wickedly delicious.

Post Adolescence is the musical Johnny Depp version of Willy Wonka. Happily dangerous, slightly weird and wonderful!
- Seattle Night Out Radio, Rock Channel (Seattle, WA)

"IPO Seattle 2011"

Great pop rock that's ready for the masses. This band's strong musicianship and catchy vocal hooks, coupled with a full sound, should propel them to the airwaves soon. - Tim Basaraba, Nada Mucho (Seattle, WA)

"Pete Ringmaster"

As more and more bands pop up inspired by the post punk era of the 80’s, they could do a lot worse than checking out Post Adolescence. Upon forming in late 2007 the Seattle band worked long and hard writing songs and perfecting their sound, refusing to rush in the release of music until it was exactly how they wanted it. From late 2009 through to early 2010 they settled down to record their debut album My Nothing, finding an eager and receptive response to the tracks within as they were revealed. What other bands should note is the way Post Adolescence have been inspired by and taken only the best elements of the best time for pop punk, realising and drawing on the qualities bands like Buzzcocks and Manic Street Preachers used to such great creativity. Doing so has meant rather than simply sounding like a copy of bands back then, they have developed a uniqueness that sets them apart.

The trio of vocalist/guitarist Johnny Straube, bassist Gar Hooker, and drummer Brian McCrossen, have come up with an album that is impossible to stop listening to. Full of strong riffs, infectious hooks, and soaring melodies, it is a delight from the first note to the last. It contains exactly what makes pop punk such an absorbing and irresistible genre when it is done right. The fact that these guys are not some bunch of kids just starting to shave and have lived music, learning to understand it, brings an evident maturity to the songs.

Noticeably people have compared the band to Placebo, and though understandable that is more down to the stylish vocals of Straube. His soaring, higher pitched vocals with its natural reverb are quite reminiscent of Brian Molko. Musically Post Adolescence’s sound of driving beats and inviting melodies is more a blend of Jimmy Eats World and Manic Street Preachers splashed with a spot of fun from the likes of Cute Lepers. There is a light and fun mood to the album which is almost surprising considering the lyrical content of many of the tracks; stories of lost and defeated love alongside abandoned hearts and hopes are the basis for most of the songs.

From the opening indie rock flavoured ‘It Gets Better’, right through to the closing scuzzy rock of ‘A Song To Surrender’ the album is a vibrant wash of sound. Straube’s vocals and decisive guitar play is creative alongside the deep and rumbling basslines of Hooker, making an engaging canvas for the lyrical emotion to be laid upon. Whether it is a song you cannot resist joining in with like the pop punk directness of ‘I’m Not Here’ or ’24 Hours’, or the emotional slower paced tracks like ‘Your Lies Are The New Black’, the band is tight and impressive.

There is a strong consistency within My Nothing, every track as enjoyable as another but the dual attack of ‘ESP’ and ‘Act Of Whore’ in the middle is especially satisfying. The first has a sound that is new to the ear but also like an old friend bringing an instant recognition and eager liking from the listener. The latter of the two is a clever interpretation of the lyrical content, the bitterness of the words coming out in the music as well as the vocal delivery, the track practically dripping venom.

My Nothing was recorded with Seattle producer Mark Clem and it is obvious he understood and allowed the music and ideas of the band to breathe without compromising the complete overall sound of the band. Since the completion of the album and to ensure the band could take its sound into their live shows, Post Adolescence recruited Clem and also the guitar/keyboard skills of Adrian Garver. The quintet intent and ready to take their sound to the world have opened the door with My Nothing, with many of its tracks receiving radio play worldwide. This is essential listening and highly recommended. - Red Hot Velvet

"Peter Jackett"

With decisive riffs and sirenesque hooks coated with the thickest of pop punk urgency, Post Adolescence and their debut album 'My Nothing' expel an attitude loaded fresh breath of air into the sails of indie music. With their spring tensioned tightness and incisive addictive melodies the Seattle quintet strive to and succeed in creating quality filled and deeply satisfying fun music. - Reputation Radio show

"Dave Brady, Director"

A unique singer combined with a talented and tight band, ladies and gentlemen I give you Post Adolescence. It's great to see a band that puts so much energy into their music and has such passion towards music in general. All of their music is fantastic and I can't wait to see what these guys have in store for us in the future! - Epic Radio (Australia)

"Dave Harris-Boulter, Station Manager/CEO"

Take the core elements from Brit Pop band 'Suede'...then mix that with British Pop Rock band 'The Feeling', and you might get something which kinda resembles state-side Seattle based group 'Post Adolescence'. It's amazing to think that a British pop sound would even dare to cut above the established stereotypical garage band sound of Seattle that almost took over the world during the 90's. Okay, I know things have moved on a pace or two since then...but even so, I still reckon that 'Post Adolescence' have dared to be different in their home market place, best thing is...they've captured a real flavour of familiarity. Hat's off to Johnny Straube and the band who definitely make world class music which has a second home here in the UK at Cross Counties Radio. Keep up the good work guys and keep sending us your tunes for our unsigned output. - Cross Counties Radio / Sunflower FM (Leicestershire, UK)

"3 Bands to Notice: Parlours, Post Adolescence, Phineas and the Lonely Leaves"

Ok, honestly, I picked this CD up because it has a song called "MySpace or Yours". haha. Get it? But! I was pleasantly surprised. This post-punk 80s-influenced Seattle garage band is perfect background party music. A few fun, bouncy picks from their debut, My Nothing: "It Gets Better" and "Act of Whore". - Three Imaginary Girls (Seattle, WA)

"The Netherlands Digs"

Anyone new to Post Adolescence will notice that there’s nothing pubescent about their music with its great driving beat and catchy melodies. The drum beat is the engine that drives the rhythm guitars while the vocals are reminiscent of glam rock at its best. A rock and pop mix with bright open melodies that will soon get feet tapping. The group is from Seattle, Washington and is unsigned. The band released their debut album ‘My Nothing’ last year and if this is anything to go by – I can’t wait for their next release. - Eddy Mann, Salford City Radio 94.4FM (Manchester, UK) and Radio Seagull (The Netherlands)

"We're on KISM!"

"Listening to Post Adolescence's release My Nothing, I catch hints of Stardust-era Bowie mixed with Blondie's rhythm section in the CBGB's days, and a dash of Arcade Fire thrown in for good measure. Don't take these comparisons to mean their music sounds rehashed...there is something fresh and vital to the music, a sense of urgency in their power pop-punk melodies. Tight, infectious guitar hooks & charging beats, paired with soaring vocals striking a tender balance between hope and torment. The album offers something for everyone, running the gamut from straight-ahead rockers like “Act of Whore” to guitar-pop gems like 24hrs, to I'm Not Here and The Year After- perfect anthems for love gone wrong."

- Ron Warner - Midday Host KISM-FM (Bellingham, WA)

"Darrell Fortune"

"Catchy hooks, great guitar and vocals that make you pay attention! Post Adolescence is a throw back to when Brit/Pop was in full swing but they have added a new dimension to it that is fresh and deserves to be heard! I love this band and you MUST see them live!"
- (Greater Northwest)

"Joe Pang, Music Director"

Their fresh, youthful vocals are the perfect match for their upbeat melodies. - Bounce Radio

"Headland Media"

"A glammed up version of modern rock, thundering from your basement! You’ll see why we’re cowering in the corner… "
- Headland Media


My Nothing - 2010



Drawing from 80s post-punk sounds of the Buzzcocks, Placebo, and Manic Street Preachers, Seattle’s Post Adolescence and their album “My Nothing” demonstrate a British Post-Punk sound that belongs only to them.

The band is not a catastrophe of stupidity or freaks of nature, rather it is a testament to dudes who get along, have fun, and want to rock. Singer and guitarist Johnny Straube, modern rock-influenced drummer Brian McCrossen, and pop-influenced bass player Gar Hooker became Post Adolescence in late 2007. The band spent the next couple years writing songs and playing shows, asking loyalists to wait until it was time to make a record.

Realizing they had a chance to “do something different,” Straube, McCrossen, and Hooker spent late 2009 and early 2010 recording the album “My Nothing” under the influence of Seattle producer Mark Clem. Once the album was complete, they decided to add personnel and take “My Nothing” out to fans eager to hear Post Adolescence.

Looking to capture the sound of “My Nothing” the band tapped Clem for guitars and keyboards, and former Motorik skills master Adrian Garver, whose love of punk-pop-metal fell perfectly in-line with the catacoustic impression-makers.

With the realization of the long-awaited album “My Nothing” and the expansion to a quintet, Post Adolescence is set for greatness. Straube, McCrossen, Hooker, Clem, and Garver are pleased to meet you, fill you up with the Post Adolescence's sound, and make you sing along even if you don’t want to.