Padraig O'Connor

Padraig O'Connor


Sounds like the Beatles crossed with the Velvet Underground, with a bit of Sigur Ros and Rufus Wainwright playing in Phil Spector's garage with Brian Wilson on production duties.


Didn't Albert Einstein or someone say that talking about music is like dancing about architecture? And architecture is like frozen music, or frozen yoghurt is like an icepop. With this prologue in mind, I vault fearlessly into the gorge of describing what exactly it is that the music of Padraig O'Connor and Adrian Hart sounds like.

Anyway, mostly I play the piano, or if there are no grand pianos lying about the place, a weighted keyboard generally does the trick.

The music I write tends to be quite melodic. I've always concentrated just as much on music and the lyrics, as when I was younger it seemed some artists neglected one or the other. I learned classical piano as a kid, even though I always wanted to play rock n' roll, and it was a big influence on my early stuff. I write about subjects as diverse as B-Movies, Atomic Bombs, Philosophy, Love, Death, Time and rain.

Classicalesque, rockish, singersongwritery. Piano/guitar + violin = cloudbursts of great beauty and dramatic elegance.

Set List

Between 25 minutes and 45 minutes.

Laura, A Funny Game, Porcelain Doll, Cream Seems Fine, These Times, Main Street, Sycamore Tree, Jack's Girl, Tumbling Monday B-Movie.