padre is perfect pop hooks and infectious melodic harmony, mixed with reckless abandon and raw emotions of clever lyrics, art-damaged guitar and driving rhythm. pavement meets elliott smith meets something altogether new!


Recently, Eli Kaplan got in big trouble with his sister Lisa, when he tried to steal her grammy, so he set out to make his own musical success in the form of the rock group padre. padre is a band that manages to communicate something about the human condition in a new and unique way. The arrangements are spectacular, the lyrics notable, honest, and clever. padre is a group that transcends the limits of rock, pop, indie, and punk, making this four-piece one of the most exciting bands to emerge.


2006 "Left In a Trade" (Shadowhead Records)
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Set List

padre usually plays for about 60 minutes. We can play shorter or longer sets. We have a wide array of original material to draw from. Occasionally we do covers (The Rolling Stones, Pavement, classic and indie rock favorites, etc...).