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Padre is not your run of mill artists. He has established himself as one of the early pioneers of the ground roots hip hop movement in Philly.

He ran with the likes of Cool C and Steady B and Schooly D. He ran with the Ruff House Label and now he's on his own and in control - Echo Live


mix tape album
"THE STIMULUS CHECK" Vol. "The Clearing"



Take one look at PADRE and you will see the reality in his face, hear one verse from PADRE and not only will you feel what he’s been going through, but he makes the picture vivid for you to see.
A vibrant combination of lyrical talent and truth in the game makes this young man not only a professional in the business board rooms, but on the streets of everyday life.
In addition, his history in this rap industry is shocking. Not only has this guy had a major recording deal with Ruff-house /Judgment records in the late 90’s, but this kid was in a rap group in the early 90’s Called the “Be Be’ s” Kids“.
PADRE brings truth and realness to the game. He elaborates about what he’s lived through, telling his life story with lyrical excellence to a universal audience. One thing I realized about PADRE personally is that he speaks from the heart, with the message that you can make it on the streets with God and your homeys. Yet that surprisingly simple philosophy, he proved it was good by the way he turned out. "Yes sir they know PADRE!, Young G from off Lansdowne, Redfield, Edgewood, grew up off of canned goods, Thrift-way was my hustle b, in my house we had no heat, Q-t worth of kerosene, plus stealing electricity".
PADRE’s energy grabs you, and his truth and genius will rip through you in each song. PADRE is one of 4 children…. born in Detroit and moved to Philadelphia when he was very young. PADRE never knew his father. Most of PADRE’s pain is from the murder of his younger brother Wendy in Camden New Jersey in 1999. The plot thickens with the details that are written in all of his music.
Recently, PADRE has teamed up with long time friend and local Philadelphia Artist/Rapper RayWoodz, alongside is Tru Cannon, DJ Deluxx, and Mass Productions. Together the group has established a Recording/Entertainment company called Touch Screen Entertainment. Playing the role as Artist and President, PADRE is more focused than ever and very busy lately.
Thanks to the management of Dan “Scooby” Bettencourt project has been multiplied in the thousands with intent to start a bidding war with all of the major recording companies.100.3 The Beat, WDAS, and Power 99 FM are the key radio stations in the Philadelphia metro area and they are anticipating the rise of PADRE.
PADRE & RayWoodz were recently in Greenville South Carolina promoting the “Stimulus Check” and they went bananas!!! PADRE says he’s looking forward to performing at their venue the Bio Center. His overall goal is to use his creativity, experience, and business mind set to give Hip-Hop the breath of fresh air that it has been waiting for, and that we as listeners deserve. His ambitious personality and motivation, multiplied by his natural ability to entertain, gives PADRE the necessary components needed for continuous success.