Padre Pio

Padre Pio


The songs were composed by Portland transplant David Mosey and produced by New York keyboard legend Joe McGinty who has worked with The Psychedelic Furs, The Ramones, & Ryan Adams to name a few. The result of Mosey and McGinty's partnership is a lush, vocal-driven, dancey pop album.


Padre Pio was started in 2006 in a run-down carriage house turned living and rehearsing quarters in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Inspite of, or perhaps because of the leaking ceilings, as-of-yet unidentified species of spiders and constant hum of deisel engines, The Madeline EP was written.
The songs are meant to be contingent upon one's point of view. Like a good movie, the setting is as important as the adventure, and the ending is always a crashing resolution. Precise guitar, Roxy Music-esque piano, crisp bass, rockin' sax, and dynamic drums back Mosey's vocals.
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The Madeline EP:
"Madeline" and "Common" day have received significant airplay nation-wide on Indie radio. The Madeline EP spent several weeks in the CMJ top 200 in the winter and spring of 2009. Padre Pio also recorded a live set for Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Set List

There's One Last Thing
Nowhere Day
High Fives
Love Suddenly
Common Day
Whenever Moonlight
Sets are usually 40 minutes. Songs are less than five minutes long with 7 or 8 dancey tunes and one anthemic (High Fives).