Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

"Live, the act is consuming and mesmerizing." - Westword

"Plays the kind of dark, brooding Americana that would suit Munly or 16 Horsepower." - Denver Post

"The album is triumphantly emotive. It’s an expansive sound that doesn’t overwhelm, which really is a huge feat to undertake." A.V. Club


Paean is a relatively young Colorado band, but they haven’t taken long to make their mark in the Front Range scene. In less than three years, the six-piece band from Fort Collins has established a strong local following, self-released a full-length album which has garnered a lot of buzz in Denver, and has embarked on a tour of the Midwest. Currently in the midst of recording their sophomore record, Paean is working on expanding their homegrown following into a national one. Catch them on tour this Fall!

Since their inception Paean has grown from a folk-rock act into a post-rock act with a huge stage sound highlighted by Dave Maddocks’ powerful and unique voice and Anna Maddocks' string arrangements.

Paean first formed in the fall of 2007 in Fort Collins, CO. Dave Maddocks had been diligently recording acoustic songs and ideas in his studio, The Maddocks Family Barn, ever since his previous project disbanded. Dave recorded all the instrumentation himself, and found that his music was in desperate need of a backing band.

He posted a few of his songs on Myspace under the moniker, Paean (pronounced Pee-in; its definition is an exultant song of joy or a solemn hymn.) In just a short time Dave was contacted by Marty Albertz and Jonathan Alonzo of Winderous Igloos. (Albertz and Alonzo also currently play with Candy Claws.)

Both Albertz and Alonzo are multi-intstrumentalists. Albertz plays drums and guitar while Alonzo plays drums, guitar, bass, piano and anything that makes noise. The band quickly morphed from a collection of Dave's songs into a full-fledged cooperative. Dave didn't have to look far to fill out the rest of the band. Siblings Tim Maddocks, drums, and Anna Maddocks, violin, lived quite literally a few dozen yards from the studio that Paean calls home. Aaron Landgraf of Feeling Beastly stepped in on bass.

Soon enough Paean found their sound: Expansive rock arrangements layered with cascading swells and literary lyrics.

After playing relentlessly along the Colorado Front Range their first two years together, Paean has been expanding their horizons in 2010. In January, Paean went on their first tour, playing several shows across the Midwest. When the group returned they finished mastering and packaging their debut album, “Songs for Us to Sing.”

“Songs for Us to Sing” consisted of the songs Paean had been playing over the course of the last couple years. Recorded at the band’s home recording studio, The Maddocks Family Barn, the album features guest musicians: Ryan Hover and Kay Bertholf of Candy Claws and Martina Grbac of Matson Jones.

Paean worked on the album for well over a year. The CD is 100 percent DIY. Recorded, mixed, mastered, packaging and art done by members of Paean. The album was released in Fort Collins on March 26th and in Denver on April 30th of 2010. The album can be downloaded for free from the band's myspace page.

In April, the Fort Collins Musicians Association voted Paean as the "Hardest Working Band in Fort Collins." The band has spent the summer living up to the title, remodeling the Maddocks Family Barn and prolifically writing new songs. The group has already begun demoing out their new album and refining their new live set, which features a more electric approach and longer songs marked by movements. They are currently booking their fall tour.


Split w/ Sour Boy, Bitter Girl - May 2008

Paean EP - Summer 2009
(No. 1 played on 90.5 KCSUFM for two weeks)

Songs For Us To Sing (full-length) - March 2010

Set List

Street Magician Part 1
Cut Open
Street Magician Part 2
Dress Up

Average Set Length: 30-45 minutes