Paer is an instrumental rock show not to be missed! Blending adventurous compositions with inspired playing, Paer is pushing the limits of what is possible as a duo. Hill Baker covers drums, key bass, and samples, expertly supporting the guitar riffage of Kyle Zender. These two will not disappoint!!


Kyle Zender and Hill Baker first met in high school back in the late '90s. The two immediately connected musically, championing the likes of Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, and King Crimson over endless ping pong rallies. Fast forward over a decade later and the two have taken to the oars as a duo in the vein of the Benevento/Russo Duo. Influenced by the likes of Tortoise, MMW, Herbie Hancock, and the genre of instrumental rock, PAER has set out to create their own brand of compositions. Hill Baker is not only laying down the drum beats, but he is also playing key bass AT THE SAME TIME! His grooves behind Kyle's guitar work is a match made in heaven. Their self-titled release, PAER, is out on March 15th, 2013!


PAER - Hinterland EP - December 2012
PAER - self-titled March 2013