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The best kept secret in music


"Pagan Graves CD: My right to die"

"Pagan Graves are unlike any band right now. These artists have broken the bible-belt barrier and created a style of music that fills its listeners thoughts with fantastic samples, unique sounds and historical icons."

- Casey Garner of Edge Magazine

"Best of Texas metal"

Your f**king stupid if you don't pay attention to this band." - Dana Mathews of KZRR 94 FM Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Pagan Graves – EP: Resurrection"

Pagan Graves – Resurrection (EP – Hardcoral / Darksilver Records– USA). Incredible band, incredible EP album. Hauntingly powerful Gothic metal in the vein of METALLICA ala MARILYN MANSON, including some Thrash influences and heavy grooves. This CD is very good produced, with a nice mix and a curious cover. The lyric proposal is graphic extremely graphic, talking about actually being raped as it is happening (Rose petals of Rape) in one song, another deals within terminal illness (Deadbolt), short well placed rapping riffs create a furious nightmare enslaved by kataklismatic vocalizations and marvelous drums attack. All musics have that epic e alegoric atmosphere that remember us of these times. The prominences are "ROSE PETALS OF RAPE", "MEIN COMPT" and the track "DEADBOLT" (it remember sometimes in the first phase of DEICIDE!!). If you love true Gothic Metal without sugarcoated shit, this is your new kings! Contacts: band – , label – (OE)

- Në¢rø¢åññïßaL Delirium Magazine Gdansk, Poland

"Pagan Graves heavy metal band from Texas USA"

"Very good power-thrash is Offered by Pagan Graves. On eight tracks (49 minutes) changing Metallica / Exodus-like Bay- area parts (at the time Lars Ulrich could still hold a beat and the H-team could contribute really heavy riffs) with very cleverly interspersed quiet passages, changes in speed and strong breaks. Thereby the guys beside all power have a strong sense for catchy refrains and exciting arrangements (Scarecrow, Nightmare), which holds the CD also long interesting and provide the songs with a high state of recognition. The songs are linked with Intros/Outros, which remind me of Privilege Of Power, but fit here wonderfully. Production (ingenious guitar sound!), professional equipment (10-page illustrated booklet), and technical skills of the musicians hardly leave any wishes open. Also the lyrics are worth listening (Conspiracy), singer/songwriter Bigcat also sings the feeling parts very convincing. These guys have a very big potential!"

- Nils Jordan of Thats Metal Magazine Sinn Germany

"Pagan Graves My right to die"

"Imagine Rammstein-like riffs topping off vocals ranging from hauntingly soulful to downright demonic. Bigcat's lyrics and Birchfield's guitar do just that for Pagan Graves. "My Right to Die" offers us a chance to see what we've been missing. CD opener "Umbrella Tree" showcases Bigcat's ability to make you feel the pain driving his lyrics. The intro to "Home-made Killer" is filled with great riff changes, and the bottom heavy riff to "Bad Seed" will have you turning down your stereo bass to keep your speakers from blowing up. They are gaining national attention recently opening for bands such as Fear Factory. Please visit for more."

- Randy Spoden of Harderbeat Magazine

"Texas Underground brings you Pagan Graves"

"Pagan Graves are part Gothic metal band and part horror flic. This is one of the most unique bands I have ever seen. They touched on a basic thread that sent shockwaves through my brain the rest of the night and into the following day"

- Michael Worthington Editor Texas Underground

"Pagan Graves rock the Amarillo civic center"

"Even though relatively new to the music scene, Pagan Graves have made an impact. Whether it is impressive reviews of their show, or this band standing firm to their artistic intentions. Pagan Graves are an honest band, and their music truly does come first. As cliche' as it sounds, Pagan Graves will go head-to-head with anyone. I look forward to working with these guys in the future."

- Eric Slayter of Rock 108FM Amarillo, Texas

"Regional live reviews"

"This band of complex and fascinating members are at times lyrical and mantic without ever being naive'. Their music transcends genres within it's psychologically fast-paced world. It can be a grotesque world... even scary... but worth seeing everytime."

- Angie Jones mETAL mAHEM Magazine

"New and on the scene must sees"

"These guys made me grab my pillow and hold it tight. I hope these are nice guys, but you can't tell it by listening to the music. Very haunting and angry."

- Megan

"Slayer and Hatebreed rock the Pavillion"

"Pagan Graves music is revolutionary and progressive. This, combined with their take-no-prisoners attitude and visionary songwriting of suffering and growth make for a winning combination that set some of my worst dreams into mental motion. This band is like an exposed raw nerve on stage and they are in your face from the first guitar riff to the last cymbal crash. Leaving the concert I could not get the images Pagan Graves conjured up out of my mind. Pagan Graves, write that name down, and put them on your must see list! - Kelly Pierce of Lubbock Undercover Magazine


LP: My Right to Die (c)(p)2003/ Dry-Rot Music BMI

EP: Resurrection (c)(p)2004 Dry-Rot Music BMI

LP: America Indeed ***Spring 2006 release***

LP: Bring on the pain ***Winter 2006 release***


Feeling a bit camera shy


Whether it is impressive reviews of their concerts or the lasting images they leave behind, Pagan Graves are that voice screaming in the darkness demanding to be heard. Pagan Graves desire has always been to create a band dedicated to telling their own story ever searching for the correct embodiment to reflect their sorrow, and they have found it. Touring as an opening act for such industry giants as Slayer, Fear Factory and Hatebreed. It is here where the band have begun to carve out their loyal fan base of listeners. Courage and solace being found amongst their followers in the knowledge that Pagan Graves is now taking on their fight before the masses. Facing a mounting outcry for more, Pagan Graves completed recording of their debut CD "My Right to Die". Reaching out even further to their growing audience Pagan Graves have released the first six songs from their highly anticipated CD "Bring on the Pain" on the EP "Resurrection". "Bring on the Pain" is to be the first of a three part CD set titled "What words cannot Say". "Bring on the Pain" will be followed by CD "Purified by Pain" to be followed by CD "The Reckoning".

You cannot hope to forget a band that permanently brands such images into your brain.

Pagan Graves are presenty recording tracks for the impending LP "Bring on the pain" due to be completed in Winter '05.

The Reckoning is at hand!

Brings on the Pain

Winter 2005