Pagasys is here to make the music people are yearning for. Our sound smoothly takes our listeners from one genre to the next with a focus on that one thing that makes us human: Our ability to feel. We're here to take you there...


Pagasys is a group of musicians that has come together to bring people to that emotional place that music has been taking our race since the beginning. It has been a long road, starting in 2000 with just one member, one guitar, and one dream. Now there are five of us, and we have many instruments, but still one dream.

With that dream, we come together and make music that is fresh and expansive. The thing that sets our music apart from that of many bands performing today is our use of dynamics. We don't try to make up for a lack of real energy with the use of volume. Also, our music is rooted in the sound of bands such as Pink Floyd, the Moody Blues, and Yes, in that it is experimental and progressive while at the same time being tasteful and palatable.

We write songs that are about universal life. Content is not directed at any one demographic more than the next, and has meaning that all ages and walks of life can identify with on a personal level. The topics covered in our songs range from war, domestic violence, and industry to love, connections, and harmony.

Listen and hear the sound of something new...


Time Heals All Things

Written By: Jian Lakerson

Things are subject to change without warning,
Somedays you never seem to
get it right.
It's so amazing when you
wake up and realize,
What you didn't know today
you'll feel tomorrow.
It's no surprise you can't push the river though you can move a mountain if you only take your time.
Your best solution is seeking your attention, sometimes the answer is waiting for you.

It'll be okay, time heals all things.
It'll be okay, time heals all things...

You sit and watch your reflection in the water,
Where your beauty like the hours fade away.
As luck would have it the looking glass is broken,
The shattered pieces sadly scatter far and wide.
You lack conviction to change the same old story,
Told the lie so often you believe your own deceit.
You'll find no comfort in the safety of illusions,
So let your tears replace the pain.

It'll be okay, time heals all things.
It'll be okay, time heals all things...

Welcome To Earth

Written By: Chase Collum

Welcome to Earth for all
those who have just arrived
this is your classroom
your first lesson is survive...

Got an opinion?
Keep it on the insde!
We hope you enjoy the ride...

Mother Mary

Written By: Chase Collum

what do you get when you
put up her poster
on your wall it doesn't
mean that you know her
in your mind she is such
a sweatheart
but where did she get her start?

Mother Mary
where did you go today?
i say...

you think you've arrived
when they put up your poster
they only listen because
they think that they are
supposed to
you try to be an idol
to a searching earth
but you never really even
gave that virgin birth

Mother Mary
where did you go today?
Mother Mary
watch what you say...

Mother Mary did they give you the news?
Mother Mary does it give you the blues?
Mother Mary are you okay?

all she said was oh all I know
is that you cannot have my soul
oh, all I know is that No One can
have My Soul!!!

you have only looked at
right where you're going
i could be right next to you
without you even knowing

open your eyes open your eyes open your eyes - and you'll see
that we're growing
while you stay so small
you never change at all...

You're lying on the floor and it's getting colder, wasting your time
and you're getting older
soon enough, you know it'll be
over for you...

Dark Elegance

Written By: Chase Collum

Ever since you walked up in to the room, I knew there must be some kind of dark elegance about you...

First, your footsteps, then that scent of perfume...deduced it wasn't innocense living in the skin that I viewed.

and I'm doomed to pursue...

We Love Our Dead

Written By: Daniel Miller

It seems there's some kind of disparity
Growing ever wider every day People in the positions they'd rather not be
And those in the middle are in the way
In time, some may realize that the cries they hear ain't so far off
It's then we can fantasize of when the soup of life was better broth

We love our Dead, they lie there on the streets sometimes. It keeps us fed the violence in our dreams. Not enough said, goin' on and on we make history. Our daily bread is still the poor man's misery

Why make so much of things that cannot be changed when those of fortune call the shots
If we could gather to rearrange, we might find someone's grandiose plots
It's not the schemes that hold us, it's friends and family and the moods of time
They risk too much, they could get scarred, when thinking of a better way is a crime

We Love Our Dead, they lie there on the streets sometimes. It keeps us fed, the violence in our dreams. Not enough said, goin' on and on we make history. Our Daily Bread is still the poor man's misery...

So this is it?
Just giving in?
What kind of world
will our children get?
If nothing happens now
it's society's greatest sin
and to count on pain tomorrow
would be the only bet...

How Can You Sleep

Written By: Jian Lakerson

Cut down your neighbor
Cut down your friend
It doesn't matter where you begin
It's all the same
We don't need air to breathe
As long as we have money
It's okay...

Life is cheap!
How can you sleep

Trade in your life's dream
To be the same
It doesn't matter what you could be
Just play their game
No need to be exceptional
As long as we're acceptable
It's okay...

Life is sweet!
How can you sleep

Sunshine in April
Go on back to school
No one's the wiser nobody's fool
Find someone else to play on
Another day...
As long as we're so sorry
It's okay...

Life is free!
How can you sleep


"The Vision" recorded by Dylan Fant at One Shot Studios in Woodinville, WA.
See our website for full the streaming album
"Now You're Here" recorded by Pat Sample at Paradise Sound in Index, WA.

Set List

From Whence We Came (Intro)
Welcome to Earth
How Can You Sleep?
Mother Mary
Cry Your Heart Out
Dark Elegance
Without A Song
Dirty Birds
Time Heals All Things
From Whence We Came (Mezzo)
Starlight Pathways
Lady In The Grass
Is There No Light Without The Dark?
We Love Our Dead
Starlight Pathways (reprise)
From Whence We Came (Finale)