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I'm Page1 c.e.o/rapper of Hittin lick records. my music is truthful and raw with beats to put you in the mood that you want to feel!


Chief Executive Officer/Recording artist, Page 1 was born in Detroit Michigan on April 8th 1973. He began rapping at the age of twelve years old, with an influence from superstars Run DMC, LL Cool J,Krs-1, and N.W.A Page knew that this is what he wanted to do and began his quest as an entertainer.

By the time he turned seventeen his skills caught the attention of "Rap Mafia", a local rap group in Detroit. The group had a hit single entitled "The Underworld". Unfortunately for Page the group and the recording label went under due to indictment. Knowing he had the talent and gift to make it in the industry, he stayed in the studio. In 1991 Page met Chris Cobb a local producer in Detroit, Chris took Page to the Bass brothers studio in Oak Park Michigan. The Bass brothers are the instrumental engineers behind the success of Marshal Mathers. It was here that Page learned the recording process. Unfortunately he did not finish his recording, due to incarceration.
While incarcerated Page came up with the idea to start his own record label. In 1998, he formed record label Hittin Lick Records (Detroit Michigan). He then formed the group you now know as Detromental in 2000. Hittin Lick then released Detromental's first single, "Ghetto 4 Life". The label sold a thousand copies out of the trunk.

In 2003, Detromental signed to Red Galaxy Records (Hollywood California). Along with signing to Red Galaxy Records in 2003, his label Hittin Lick Records, released a maxi single Tommie Booker 'D-Style" in January of 2003. D- Style also featured "Ghetto 4 Life" a remake of the labels debut single featuring the current members of Detromental. D-Style was to be followed by EP "The Ultimate R & B Flick", the project was halted due to the illness and untimely death of recording artist Tommie Booker. Detromental then traveled to Hollywood, to record several tracks for the new label. Several tracks were then featured on Spike TV's (Vehicular Lunatics and 21 Things All Men Must Experience), other songs were then vaulted by Red Galaxy Records.

In addition he has performed with "C" Murder of No Limit Records at Houston's "Club Hustle Town" in 2001, he appeared in the blockbuster movie "8" Mile starring Marshal Mathers in 2003, and has recorded "Freak Show" (Detromental) for Artemis Records (New York New York) in 2004.


Ghetto 4 Life 2000, Hittin Lick Records
D-Style, Hittin Lick Records 2003

Set List

My set list is around three 3 to 4 min. songs. (1)I'm a boss (2) walk wit em' (3) my nigga
I'm very capable of an hour set....