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Page 3


Alternative pop/rock band with a punk attitude from Spartanburg, South Carolina.


Page Three is a four piece rock band from Spartanburg, South Carolina. Formed in the Spring of '99 and not yet signed to a major label, their young looks and fresh sound has earned them respect from both national and regional acts alike as well as earning them an apperance on the Jenny Jones Show. Their first CD "Charisma" sold out of the two thousand copies pressed in the short time since it's release in July of 2000. You can still hear it blaring from car stereos across high school parking lots. Page Three has recorded several new songs since "Charisma", but have chosen to release them solely on the internet. As a result of this, a great relationship with Broadband Talent Net was formed. Broadband featured them in the June 2, 2001, issue of Billboard as one of the hottest up and coming new bands. The music producer for the Jenny Jones Show heard of them through Broadband and asked them to come to Chicago to perform live on the show. The segment aired several times during the summer of 2001 and has won Page Three fans all over the US as well as Canada.

Page Three's songwriting is a team effort, with each member adding their own experiences and musical background to the songs. Picking up where others have left off, their fresh, guitar driven pop sound is on the cutting edge of modern rock. The band continues to play selected dates outside of their home-market with hopes of expanding their regional fanbase. These talented young guys will continue to work hard at their music, knowing that one day soon it will all pay off.


Charisma - July 2000

Set List

45-60 minutes
Set includes original songs with a few surprise covers.