Pagoda Sun

Pagoda Sun


In this modern age how do we find and celebrate our musical roots? Get someone on effects? Swap soul for synths? Pagoda Sun combine Dust Bowl harmonies with clever guitar play and vibrant energy that bring positive vibes and honesty. All we aim to do is hit a nerve, strike a chord and see you smile!


Having grown up together around traditional folk, country and world music, Lily and Stefan formed Pagoda Sun in early 2012 to pursue their love of writing and playing music - born from a love of singing harmonies together and creating music which captures the essence of their journey through life so far. Combining singer songwriter folk style music with a more contemporary and accessible sound, Pagoda Sun harks back to a more organic, stripped back approach to performance where intricate harmonies, catchy melodies and an energy created by a lifelong friendship is the foundation of the music. Drawing influences from Dylan, Guthrie and the original Dust Bowl folk singers from 30's America as well as newer muses from Kurt Vile and the War on Drugs to Fionn Regan. Pagoda Sun write songs from scratch - starting with life and feeling and adding stories and lessons learned to our lyrics.

Pagoda Sun offers something unique in that we have grown up together singing and playing and travelled the world together and separately and always returned to one of our kitchen floors, writing and singing the night away until we are happy we have encapsulated a little piece of our reality to transmit to our listeners.


Young Boy

Written By: Stefan Imeson, Lily Bodoh

Growing older with every lesson
Felt the changing tide within
Possibly the hardest lesson, going back to where I begin

Wisdom must be austere ego
but these possessions I am stacking them up
No longer can they veil the essence, going back to where I begin

Young boy, when you gonna be a man
Step up to the plate do what you can
Young boy, your hands don't show the signs
Your minds in toil but still no spoils... to show us you've arrived

Hollow hole the ground just vanished
Its a free fall to the grave
Funnest times I still will cherish, never mine to keep anyway

I was young I was the seasons
Was the winter, felt the rain
Every breath a different chapter, going back to where I begin

Chorus repeat

Way out of view, the mountains are dominant through
the forest with settling dew
Is home to the magic we knew, when memories we had but a few

Growing older with every lesson
Felt the changing tide within
Possibly the hardest lesson going back to where I begin


Garden's Quarter E.P (Out March 2013 on Musical Dojo)
Something New Under The Sun - 2 track E.P 2012