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Paige Aufhammer @ Sawdust Festival - Main Deck

Laguna, California, USA

Laguna, California, USA

Paige Aufhammer @ Sawdust Festival - Tavern

Laguna, California, USA

Laguna, California, USA

Paige Aufhammer @ Sawdust Festival - Main Deck

Laguna, California, USA

Laguna, California, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Editions of the North County Times Serving San Diego and Riverside Counties
Thursday, May 18, 2006

Paige Aufhammer
LMC Records

CD Reviews

By: North County Times -
Local, Blues, Jazz, Rock

A- "Paige Aufhammer"

Paige Aufhammer

LMC Records

Possessed of a confidence and presence belying her young years, Encinitas' Paige Aufhammer's debut CD is a polished, melodic collection of folk and folk-rock songs likely to stick in your head (and CD player) for a long while. In fact, Aufhammer would seem to have all the ingredients necessary for national success ---- hook-filled songs she writes herself, lovely voice, attractive looks, savvy marketing campaign.

Of course, that first ingredient ---- the songs ---- is the key one. Her self-titled CD, though, shows she has no worries on that score. There are at least three songs that would be Top 40 hits in a world where talent ruled the day: "Mad Man's Machine," "Oh, Love" and "Out of Time." Hits or not, they're likely to be mainstays of her playlist for years.

The production and arrangements are also top-notch: immediately accessible enough to draw you in, complex enough to keep you coming back for another listen. With strings on some tracks, and a stellar roster that includes local icon Rob Whitlock on keyboards, this has the full sound of a major label release ---- the fact that Aufhammer has the songs to take advantage of that production makes it a CD worth getting ahold of.

Paige Aufhammer performs Friday at Twiggs in San Diego and Sunday at the Escondido Street Fair. Buy her CD or learn more about her at

---- Jim Trageser

Staff Writer

- North County Times

Paige Aufhammer Is on a Musical Mission

by Will Edwards

Paige Aufhammer was seated at the center of the stage with her eyes closed. Her voice was full of power as she sang from her heart. I was captivated.
Having become serious about music a year ago, Paige recorded a three-song demo and took it on tour to Ireland at the end of last year. When you hear those recordings, you will notice that her voice, in particular, sounds very familiar Ñ as if you've heard this person before but you can't remember who it is. It is a clear and optimistic voice that Paige doesn't have to gloss up at all Ñ there is no need. It is perfect just the way it is.
I recently spoke to Paige over the phone about her experience in Ireland. I wanted to know how her music had been received there, and I was curious about how such an experience might have influenced a talented musician who is still finding her place in the music world. "I'd never gone anywhere to play music before," says Paige. "It's a part of their culture - they appreciate music." I found that our interview focused on a special connection that Paige felt she had established with her new Irish audience. Specifically, there were fewer barriers between folks in the pubs and the musicians. What she described reminded me of the old idea of a traveling minstrel who gathered up stories and songs and wandered from town to town, carrying with them news and good will from one town to the next. Speaking from my own experience, I would say that artists become more intimate with their audience over time. In that intimacy there is also vulnerability. Most people can imagine why it is important for a musician to feel appreciated and Paige described the audience in Ireland as curious and very supportive.
The tour was booked and coordinated by long-term friend, AJ Degrasse and supported largely by local churches Ñ a kind of musical mission. Paige recalled the first weekend of the tour for me. They arrived in Wexford on the East coast of Ireland and played two nights at a local pub called The Sky and the Ground (a moniker describing the two places in Ireland where one will find rain). Not only was the show a big hit the first night but, most everyone came back for the second night too. Talk about feeling appreciated!
The power went out during the show and, as Paige tells it, there was a momentary lapse, but they eventually decided to keep the music going using the good old sound hole (built into most modern guitars). Hours later everyone in the pub was joining together in rowdy renderings of "Eleanor Rigby" and "Redemption Song." Finally, the beer tap was shut down at 3 a.m. and everyone had to head home for the night. But they were right back there the next night singing and sharing music. I got the impression that the musical mission was really about just that: sharing and connecting people together based on their common love of music.
So where did Paige's love of music come from? She says that she has been heavily influenced by female singer-songwriters like Patty Griffin, Mindy, Smith and Allison Krauss. I could especially hear elements of Allison Krauss in Paige's singing style, whose music and performance skills have also been heavily influenced by the church. "Most of my presence on stage started in church," she says. Her faith is extremely important to her and her compositions are definitely grounded in a sense of spiritual confidence. Her song writing is melancholy but also resonates with an honest sense of hope. I found myself feeling reflective by her songs, which provoked thoughts and feelings that I would definitely describe as inspiring.
Another major influence for Paige is collaboration. While in Ireland, Paige had the opportunity to jam with fellow touring artists Frank Lenz (drums), Aimee Nelson (violin), and Bjorn (bass). Frank and Aimee played with Paige at each performance and Bjorn was a member of Degrasse's band. When I recently saw them perform together at the Belly Up, they were so in synch that I expected them to have a more extensive history as a group. Paige says she doesn't really have a band per se, but she especially enjoys getting together to play with other musicians. "Performing is a passion of mine [and] I'm inspired by performing with others." She's found a number of opportunities to play around town in the past few months and she's making new friends - and fans.
"My job, I feel like, is music. I'm so passionate about it." It is clear from her composure on stage that Paige has a very strong and innate talent for music. She's very confident and uncompromising. However, becoming a successful artist also requires good business sense. She is currently backed by Lee Chestnut, founder of Del Mar-based LMC Records. He has, over the course of the last year, put together a marketing and promotion team to help Paige develop her audience and promote her upcoming full-length CD. Although the album should be ready this month, it won't be officially rel - San Diego Troubadour

JUNE 8, 2006

If one musical genre in San Diego was to take precedent by its sheer weight of numbers it would be singer-songwriters.

At times, it seems like you can't turn around in a local nightspot without running into a pack of them. While there have always been sensitive. souls ready to sing their hearts' out while accompanied by a guitar or piano, the explosion began in earnest with Jewel’s hit album. "Pieces of You," in 1997. The album would go on to sell a whopping 14 million copies in the U.S. alone. It's an impres¬sive feat, especially considering it was partially recorded live at a local coffeehouse.

The ensuing years have seen a seemingly endless flow of hopefuls follow in hopes of grabbing the brass ring. A number of clubs around town, including Twiggs and Lestat's, are havens for these acts, though truth be told they can be found pretty much anywhere there is space to strum a guitar.
What never ceases to amaze, however, is the sheer quality of performers. Maybe it's something in the water, but San Diego continues to produce worthy tunesmiths. Recent successes include Jason Mraz. Tristan Prettyman. Tom Brosseau, Greg Laswell and Gregory Page, but there is a legion of performers hot on their heels. including Renata Young Blood, Kim DiVencenzo and Carlos Olmeda to cite just a few. And near the top of that list is Paige Aufhammer.

Perennially on tour throughout Southern California, Aufhammer will perform at Pacific Beach institution The Tiki House on Thursday, June 8. While her album is the best sonic representation of her songs, she is a charming live performer and well worth investigating for any music fan that appreciates a plaintive tune and solid guitar work. The friendly. intimate atmosphere of the Tiki House is a wonderful place to catch a set from Aufhammer.

Although barely in her early twenties, the Encinitas resident has built a following the old fashioned way; relentless touring.

Making her accomplishments more impressive, all of this activity has taken place in less than three years. Her first recordings emerged while she was still in high school a collection of three songs taped in a friend's . garage. Enthused by the experience, she began frequent area coffee houses and released her first EP in 2005. Working with producer Joe Marlett. who began as a local studio wiz behind such acts as Blink182, Switchfoot, and Fenix TX and has since engineered for the likes of Foo Fighters and Queens of the StoneAge, Aufhammer was able to craft an EP that included touches of folk and pop at their radio friendly best.

She scored impressive airplay across the country, including college stations in Kansas and Missis¬sippi, and just months later found herself in the studio with Marlett once more. The resulting cuts have just been released as her self-tilled, full-length debut album and should handily continue her upward mobility within the local music scene. Opening strong with the reflective "Falling Back in Love," the album includes all three tracks from the EP.

As good as they are, they are eclipsed by the newer material, particularly radio-favorite "Coffee." which manages to pack a lot of sentiment into its few minutes.

At home on the stage, whether she’s interacting with her regular crowd or impressing newcomers with her catalog of song hooks, Aufhammer exudes confidence. She may have only been performing for three years, but she has paid a lot of dues in that short time span. And it shows in both her recordings and live performances.
- Beach & Bay Press


Debut CD - "Paige Auhammer" - available at and i-Tunes


Feeling a bit camera shy



Rarely do you get an opportunity to meet a truly authentic artist. The kind of person that doesn’t need to utter a sound for you to be aware and know they have “It”. These are the kind of individuals that draw people into their art effortlessly. What they do, is not so much the point, as who they are. These extraordinary few are truly God’s gift to the rest of us. There is a rising swell of people who believe that Paige Aufhammer is one of these unique individuals; an Authentic Artist.

In September 2005, Paige completed her first professional recording session with producer/engineer Joe Marlett. This three-song demo was an inspiring precursor of what was to come. Paige completed her full length debut CD once again teamed with Joe Marlett at Signature Sounds Studios in San Diego, California. She has somehow placed her soul between the digital imprints of her music. Her voice is pure, vulnerable, smooth and warm. Her poetry is beyond her 21 years; compelling and thoughtful.

While in high school, Paige wrote her first three songs and recorded them in a friend’s garage in her hometown of Encinitas, California. This freshman venture inspired a small but faithful following and she began playing in local coffee shops. With increased experience Paige began to get a taste of her own style. She was able to travel abroad which helped to foster her creativity. Music became more of who she was.

For Paige the world doesn’t make sense unless she can respond somehow. Songwriting and performing are among Paige’s many facets as an artist. She also paints, draws, sculpts, writes poetry, and makes jewelry. She is a quintessential artist through and through.

Paige’s music and sound is not easily categorized. It is acoustically oriented with influences of folk, country, bluegrass, and jazz. All blended together to create a pleasing musical experience. Paige’s live performances are special. Her recent shows at the Belly Up and Brick by Brick in San Diego received rave reviews. She creates an immediate connection with her audience that is easily translated through her melodies and words. She is comfortable with just a guitar in her hand. Simple and alone she shines. Or put her on stage with her talented back-up band and she is at home with her friends.

Paige Aufhammer is being managed by LMC Records, LLC, an independent entertainment and recording company based in Del Mar, CA; which has major label distribution channels through its relationship with Geffen Records/Universal. For booking information, please contact Mary Kay at LMC Records (858) 523-1450 or