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Interview: Paige Williams
Written by Lia Karidas
Saturday, 26 July 2008
Paige Williams will give fans a real sense of who she is with her latest album Welcome To My Life. I sat down with Paige to learn more about her upcoming record and her experiences thus far with the American music industry.

In her own words, Paige Williams was born singing.

"It's been in my blood forever. We have videos of me on the fireplace singing random songs, and making up my own songs."

In elementary school, Paige started trying out for talent shows, and she never once failed to shock people with her powerful pipes. "I was like this little thing with a big voice."

What started off as a natural burst of talent turned into a hobby. "I always wanted to be involved in anything musical. I really got comfortable being on stage and working with other people. It turned into such a love that I realized I couldn't live my life without it."

Today, Paige is a young singer/songwriter with genuine aspirations of reaching her fans on a personal and emotional level. "I cannot sing a song and not feel it. Before I started writing my songs I tried that, and if you listen to my recordings from then to now, they're so different. It's like my heart wasn't in that."

Paige's upcoming album, Welcome To My Life is all about events that have happened in her life. The personal origins of this album, combined with Paige's powerful vocals and intuitive songwriting, create a musical portrait that almost anyone can relate to.

The album, to be released sometime within the next two months, has fans already connecting with the raw, emotional sound of the available tracks.

"It's an empowering CD". Paige affirms, as many of the songs are based on overcoming bad relationships, and finding your own strength to move on.

"Welcome To My Life", the album's title track and upcoming first single, was one of those songs that Paige said just "popped out". "I told [my producers and another songwriter] that I really wanted to write this song about an ex-boyfriend getting his heart broken in the same way that he did to me, and then being like ‘ha ha, you're in my position'. "

"We were thinking about the title of the song, and one of the producers just shook his head was like ‘welcome to my life'. We looked at each other and started to laugh, because we knew at that point that that was going to be theme of the album, and that was going to be the song."

The powerhouse vocals, and universal themes on Welcome ToMy Life were inspired a lot by some of Paige's musical heroines, namely Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion. "I always looked up to those three ladies. I wanted to touch people with my music, like they touched me with theirs."

"And then you listen to people like Pat Benatar, and you're like: wow, that woman can rock it out, and he knows how to put emotion into a song. My album is kind of like a modern version of Pat Benatar and Kelly Clarkson mixed."

Being based in L.A., the entertainment capital of the United States, there is always the challenge of getting lost in the crowd. Paige, however, has a solid plan on how to over come this obstacle.

"You have to stay true to yourself and know what your focus is, and what you want to do... I'm a true believer in being a good person, and that karma comes back around."

"I'm a very real person; what you see is what you get. I run my MySpace, I love talking to fans. I believe if you put yourself out there and make an effort to connect with your fans, they will want to connect with you."

It is probably worth noting that while Paige is making waves as a singer/songwriter in the United States, she is also half Canadian. "I love Canada. Canadians are such nice people. If we can just pick a handful of Canadians, and bring them down here, the world will be a much better place," she says with a smile.

Keep an ear out for "Welcome To My Life" in an independent film called "Wake". theMOVEMENTZ would also like congratulate Paige on her 2008 Independent Singer/Songwriter Awards Nomination.

"I hope people want to get to know me as much as I want to get to know them. Music is an amazing thing to connect people. I hope that Iwill be able to connect to people through my music."


"Fresh New Face to the Music World"


"Paige is fresh, unique and energetic when in comes to her writing, singing, and performing. She is a breath of fresh air to work with and its always about the music" - Lori Barth- Award- Winning Songwriter/ Music Journalist


"Welcome to My Life" - LP 2008

"So Much More"- EP 2007- Dance Single on Charts.
- Dance Club Play
- German Radio Air Play



"I believe in the power of music.... The way it can take me away from the normality of life especially when I want to escape.."

Paige Williams is a singer/songwriter originally from Palm Springs California. Her passion for music began at a young age; leading the church band in worship and performing in musical theater productions.

Over the years, Paige found her sound and began performing her original songs in college to crowds in Los Angeles and the surrounding beach cities. Gaining popularity Paige landed her original songs in cable television shows such as Nickelodeon. She also released an original dance song, called �So Much More� in Germany. The song placed #3 on the eurodancehits charts in November 2007.

Fresh out of the studio, Paige completed her rockin' debut album with producer Anthony Krizan (Spin Doctors, Lenny Kravitz), and is excited to share her music with the world! The album is gaining rave reviews.

"This album is very close to my heart. I really wanted to write and album that was relatable to my audience. Every emotion heard and felt comes from past and present experiences in my life. Listening, you can really get a glimpse into my life, and being able to create that is every singer/songwriters dream!"

Paige was recently selected as a nominee for the 2008 Independent Singer Songwriters Award Contest for her song "Welcome to My Life."

She has also placed two songs off her current album in independent films. Her song �Gone� was placed in "May the Best Man Win," an independent movie starring Rob Riggle of The Daily Show, Horatio Sanz of Saturday Night Live. "Welcome to My Life" was placed in "Wake". A movie starting Jane Seymour, Bijou Phillips, and Danny Masterson.