The songs written by Painbreak are posted on Consistently climbing the charts into the Top-Ten proves our music draws an audience! Painbreak has listeners in many countries. Our music has spoken for itself on the internet charts and now it needs to be taken to the next level.


Painbreak is a Heavy Metal band based in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The band was established in the fall of 2002 by founding members James Tate (guitar/samples) and Jim Davis (percussion/keys/samples). Jointly Tate and Davis combined their influences to generate some of the most lethal grooves and brutal riffs to ever be heard in N.E. Arkansas.
Front man Corby Spicer joined the group in october 2003 as the bassist, but his wicked vocal style and perfectly pitched melodic voice moved him to positon of lead vocalist. Jason Sanders (bass) joined Painbreak in early 2004. Jason brought the powerful depth and jazzy groove rhythm that definitly compliments what Tate and Davis are all about!
Painbreak was formed to create supirior heavy metal music thet represents aggressiveness, boldness, and the intricate musicanship of the members itself. Painbreak is always writing and creating music for its fans. Davis has said "Painbreak is like its own entity. Most of the time we all just bust into a new idea and by the end of the practice session the song is finished music and most lyric melodies! And this has happened three or more times in just one session!" Tate adds, " You get us in the room together with all our talent and experience, the songs just write themselves, painless if you will"
Painbreak has many Different influences from Pink Floyd to Fear Factory and all points in between. Though having many diverse influences, Painbreak has its own sound. "Who do we sound like? Ourselves," sayes tate.
Painbreak has released their debut album "BRUTALITY AT IT'S FINEST" the album title is a representation of what Painbreak stands for. We are a symbol for all those who have something to say, but have not had the chance to voice themselves on a larger scale.
With our TAKE NO SHIT attitude we always BRING THE PAIN!!


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Set List

Piece X Piece
The Demonz Design
A shell of myself
Who made you god?
Hostile Intentions
Set is around 45min
Covers from Sepultura, Prong and Pantera.