Toronto, Ontario, CAN

"Rockstars and entertainers with a sincere change-the-world-with-heart attitude," Toronto's Paint have earned their reputation as one of Canada's hardest-working and most genuine indie bands with their infectiously energetic live performances, pop hooks, and lyrical depth.


"Rockstars and entertainers with a sincere change-the-world-with-heart attitude" (Midnight Matinee), Toronto's Paint have earned their reputation as one of Canada's hardest-working and most genuine indie bands with their infectiously energetic live performances, pop hooks, and lyrical depth. 

Since the release of their critically-acclaimed 2009 debut Can You Hear Me?, Paint has played over 200 shows from Vancouver to Halifax, including multiple returns to North by Northeast (named one of the top acts of 2012 by The Toronto Star), Canadian Music WeekIndie WeekHamilton Music Awards and New Music West, and been voted a listener-favourite on 102.1 The Edge

Paint's 2011 sophomore album, Where We Are Today, was recorded and produced by Ian Smith with award-winning engineer Michael Chambers at Catherine North Studios (City and ColourFeistGord Downie) and mastered by Joe Lambert in Brooklyn, NY (Johnny Cash,Elvis PresleySocial DistortionBright EyesThe Trews). Influenced by Britpop and New Wave, Where We Are Today is dynamic and pop-focused; a step away from the "wall of sound," and towards more intricate and mature musicality and songwriting. 

2013 witnessed the release of the Capsulated: Music Videos DVD, ambitiously compiling music videos for all ten songs on Where We Are Today (including the film festival-selected "Boomerang"), plus four videos from Can You Hear Me? and bonus documentaries.

Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Can You Hear Me? in 2014, the band ambitiously compiled a 5-"disc" deluxe edition reissue.

Capsulated and the band's close working relationship with filmmaker R. Stephenson Price have opened a multi-media door into Paint's live show and visual aesthetic. Paint is hot off the May 2015 release of their black-and-white short feature film called 11:11 and accompanying EP soundtrack, Based on Truth and Lies, made possible by the courtesy of a dedicated fanbase through IndieGogo and the Canadian government's FACTOR program. 

2016 will witness the release of concert DVD and live album of all new material that was filmed to a sold-out audience in Toronto in October 2014.


Studio albums
Where We Are Today (6 September 2011) [Fontana North, PWWAT11]
Can You Hear Me? (11 August 2009) [independent, PCYHM09]

Based on Truth and Lies (2 June 2015) [independent, PBOTAL15]

11:11 (2 June 2015) [independent, P1111DVD15]

Capsulated (26 November 2013) [Independent, PCDVD13]
Videos, etc. (2011) [Independent, PVEDVD11]

Story of the Moral of the Story: The Making of 11:11 (19 January 2016)
The Making of Boomerang (17 November 2013)
Where We Were In April (30 August 2011), [Independent, PWWWIADVD11]

Set List

Typically 30-45 minutes, but Paint has also done 60 minutes and 3x45-minute sets for bar nights. All originals. Some covers.


1. Kick
2. Snare
3. Hats
4. Rack Tom
5. Floor Tom
6. Overhead/Ride
7. Overhead/Crash
8. Bass DI
9. Bass cab mic
10. Guitar 1 (Jordan) cab mic, stage far right
11. Guitar 2 (Robb) cab mic, stage centre right
12. Acoustic guitar DI (Countryman 85 provided)
13. Stage right vocal (Jordan) Shure SM58 provided
14. Stage centre lead vocal (Robb) Shure Beta 58M provided*
15. Stage left vocal (Jenna)
16. Laptop/backing track DI (1/4" mono)

* add slight delay and take out bottom end EQ


* Stage right
* Stage centre x2
* Stage left
* Drum sidewash


* Quad drop back right
* Quad drop back left
* Quad drop front centre
* Quad drop front right
* Quad drop front left
* Quad drop front centre