Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Bill Monroe and Jerry Garcia had a baby and it's name is Painted Blue. A classic mix of Americana!


Like a band of misfit gypsies, you would probably expect to be pick pocketed and thieved by the band members of Painted Blue. In fact, they steal the hearts and breath of their listeners away with their very special blend of bluegrass, folk, jam-band and old-timey music. While Painted Blue can bring the house down with high energy rhythms and break-neck licks that would make your favorite grandma get up and dance, the group can also bring a sensitive soul to tears with songs of longing, hardship, and woe.

A haphazard group, Painted Blue may appear at first sight a motley quartet of random souls thrown together for the mere benefit of merry-making and tom foolery. But don't be misled! The music is the tie that binds these folks together and wraps their audiences up, shakes them about, and leaves them all thirsting for more. Painted Blue released their first labor of love, Time Rolls On, in 2007 to fans everywhere.

Kyle Spriggle, of Shinbone Magazine, wrote of Time Rolls On:

"This group honestly is one of the best things I've heard in ages. Their sound is something comfortable and aged, but unique. Kind of like a really good wine. You sample it and the more you enjoy the blending of eclectic tastes and savor the relaxed soulful influences you kind of fall into a daydream. Part folk artist and part Grateful Dead, these folks really have a definitive and deep sound. I for one look forward to seeing them when I can."

Featured favorites at Philadelphia-area venues including Steel City Coffee House, Chaplin's Music Cafe, Milkboy Coffee, World Cafe Live, Dawson St. Pub, Puck Live!, John & Peters, Fergies Pub, Murph's Bar, as well as festivals in and around the Tristate area.


Painted Blue EP- 2006
Time Rolls On LP- 2007

Set List

ORIGINALS: 2, one hour sets.

17 Prayers
Child of Mystery
Santa Fe Snatch
The Spirit
It Ain�t Easy
Embrace the Storm
Days and Nights
Time Rolls On
Wild Glenn
All A Dream
Railcar Tombstone
Foot of Your Grave
Sunday in London
Feathered Gypsy
What Will Come Of Me
20 Bag Rag

OTHERS: all night long!

Shady Grove
Nine Pound Hammer
Big River
Whispers of the North
On and On
Rosa Lee McFall
Mama Tried
I�m Troubled
Grandpa was a Carpenter
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Quinn the Eskimo
Oh Sister
West LA Fadeaway
Way Downtown
Dark Hollow
Going Down the Road
Little Sadie
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
New River Train