Painted Grey

Painted Grey

 Portland, Oregon, USA

"commanding, catchy and classic with a formidable sense of romance." Stephanie Fine Sasse, Daily Vanguard


Following the spirit of Portland-based acts The Shins, The Decemberists and rock legends, The Kingsmen, local Portland band Painted Grey has been quietly and actively spreading it's roots and honing it's sound over the last few years. This four-piece finds inspiration and openly acknowledges it's alternative/pop/rock roots within the modern rock scene (Coldplay, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Death Cab For Cutie). After a bit of lineup shuffling over the last few months, the group has settled on a mix that is comprised of singer/songwriter Caleb Roloff, lead guitar player Andrew Tewson, bassist Ben Geist and drummer Dominic Biscarret. Painted Grey is actively gigging all over the greater Portland area and released their debut full-length album in January 2011.

"A sparklingly pristine exercise in perfected pop, Away with Words can charm the khakis off any Chris Martin supporter with its delicate harmonies and anthemic song structure." Ezra Caraeff, The Portland Mercury

"Painted Grey’s Away with Words is a fine album, although it’s difficult to put your finger on just why it’s so good. The correct descriptive words have been seemingly swept away, in much the same way they are windswept in the album’s title. Nevertheless, fans of excellent music will recognize the goodness in Painted Grey’s work right away. These are sincere songs, which are played well and performed with great care." Dan MacIntosh, Review You

"commanding, catchy and classic with a formidable sense of romance." Stephanie Fine Sasse, Daily Vanguard

"skilled musicians with strong songwriting abilities. On "You’re Not So Good", they teeter on the edge of an emotional cliff, bringing poignant young bands like Mumford & Sons to mind." Chris Barth, Ariel Publicity


Saving Me

Written By: Caleb Roloff

I'm not a fool, cause I know theres no you and no me.

I'm in a car and I don't live that far from where you'll be

Oh back where you wanted.. The road that you wanted to travel

Shes gonna come back but you know what you want me to say.

Ohh why are you saving me

ohh why'd you let me fall, you let me fall

Like it or not well you know what you got, when you got me

Everyone goes here who knows if I'll come back.. I guess will see.

Let Me Go

Written By: Caleb Roloff

After all.. Cause Your better..

Hollywood... If your good..

I know you..

I know you...

Oh I feel.. My heart.. Breaking..

Come on life.. Come on love.. Let me go.

After all.. Cause shes better..

Eveyones got a move..

Say it ain't true.

Say it aint true..
I didn't love you.. No way..


Written By: Caleb Roloff

Oh I know much better... But I see you waiting... Come on.

The sun and the moon will scatter.. But I want some grace some charm..

It's true.. I've been falling I've been falling for you.

It's true.. I've been falling I've been falling for you.

Oh I know much better.. But shes got a way with words..

Born of my own disaster... I'm going to brave the storm..

It's only about the time.. It's only about.. The time..

Oh My

Written By: Caleb Roloff

Oh you said its all.. But I'm trying not to make it out.. Back and fourth we run.. I do it cause you need me to
Oh oh you know what I wanna do

Oh you've been there oh oh you wanna try.. do you love me do do you never lie.. she shes been there she she wants to try..

Oh you said its all.. But I'm begging you to take me out..
Back and fourth we run.. I do it cause you need me to..

Oh I know.. That you want to get away.. out of my heart

You're Not So Good

Written By: Caleb Roloff

Your not waiting for
the car to suddenly roar
to throw your coat on and leave
To take what you want and not what you need

Don't you go saving your heart
She bent over backwards you know
And don't you go saying it's a start
Like it or not your on your own

Picked up all of your things
the corner store mocked me

Your not so good, your not so good


Self-Titled EP - Released January 2009

Debut Full Length Album "Away With Words" - Released January 2011

Set List

Typically play 30-60 minute set.

1. You're Not So Good
2. Saving Me
3. Oh My
4. Let Me Go
5. Two Week Guy
6. Falling
7. Right Now
8. Head On Her Sleeve
9. 2 Min Song
10. So Sure
11. Settle
12. We Wage War

No covers as of now.