Painted Wolfe

Painted Wolfe

 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

If Fleet Foxes, Local Natives, and Vampire Weekend had a big psychedelic baby, and that baby went and lived with wolves in the woods and mountains for 20 years, then finally came back with a bunch of Wolfe jewels from the deep forest. Those jewels would sing our music.


To us, music and nature are brothers in life. We write our music in the woods of Oklahoma, away from the busy world, make our music as organic as possible. This leaves room for our sounds to breath with us.

Most of our songs were written with only a mandolin and a acoustic guitar, adding percussion and other parts later, keeping our sound folky yet great for dancing.

The energy of Painted Wolfe come from the psychedelic/folk parts of Justin Hays, the crushing waves of Jacob Mann's drums, charming Piano and Vocal Harmonies of Keith McKee, and the simple/folk Guitar parts and roaring Vocal lines of Eric Massad.

Enjoy our tunes.


Single: Into The Forest -Released 11/11/11

Set List

) Lights
) Isla de Muerta
) Joplin
) Party Animal
) Into The Forest