Painting Utopia

Painting Utopia


Painting Utopia is committed to showing our love for music and passion for God through the songs we share. We believe that in sharing the gifts God has blessed us with- He will use us to change people's lives.


Painting Utopia is called to bring the beauty of God’s perfect love back into a world that has been labeled as lost. To be lost is permanent, and not a way to describe the world we live in. We believe that by sharing the God we know and representing Him as Jesus did- the world we live in will be changed. Our purpose is to paint a picture of the glory of God through our music in hopes that they will come to desire Him as much as we do. We are called to go beyond the walls of our church and love on hurting and broken people. It’s to these people we dedicate the music God has given to us.


We are currently working on our first recording project. Check out our band page at:

Set List

Our set list ranges depending on what the venue is requesting. We like to be flexible.