Paint The Town

Paint The Town


Pop-punk radio friendly rock music. Sure to entertain fans of all walks of life.


Paint The Town started to take shape back in the summer of 2003. When Brian Maloney(drums) joined high school friends, Jed Cabatit(guitar/vocals), Ande Greene(guitar/vocals) and Jeremy Greene(bass), to form the band Farewell To Friday. The guys played non-stop for months working on new material everyday. In the winter of 2004, when Jed didn’t like the direction the band was headed creatively, he left to form Manila Reign, leaving the other 3 members without a lead singer and guitarist. After taking some time off to decide what they wanted to do, Ande, Jeremy, and Brian eventually hooked back up with Jed to form Jets Over Wescott, this time with Brian on vocals and Jed on drums. After playing together for a few months, all of the guys decided it wasn’t what they were looking for. So in the summer of 2005, Ande, Jeremy, and Brian decided that Brian would go back on drums and they would find a new lead singer. The guys became known as Everynight Skylines. After trying out a handful of singers, they agreed that it just wasn’t clicking and that they would fine as a trio with Ande pulling double duty as lead guitar and vocals. For the latter part of 2005 and the early part of 2006, Everynight Skylines worked hard day in and day out on material that would separate them from Farewell To Friday and Jets Over Wescott. The guys played a few shows here and there and really found their sound. But growing tired of playing the same thing day in and day out, they decided to spice up their music. With the new changes to their songs, the guys felt they had outgrown their name and wanted to change that up as well. They decided on Paint The Town. So, with a new name and very revamped songs, Paint The Town has started to make a name for themselves. They have shared the stage with such local (Maine) acts as: Sinferno, The Lost Cause Desperados, Three Stars Fall, Nickname For Richard, Lost For Millennia, Manila Reign, Lost On Liftoff, and a host of other bands. Blending the sounds of indie, pop, punk, and straight up rock music, Paint The Town promises to have something for everyone to enjoy. In addition to releasing "Tonight’s The Night: Live From The Alehouse" in late April of 2006, Paint The Town’s debut EP, "Just You, Me, and the highway signs" in the Summer of 2006.


"Tonights The Night:Live From The Alehouse"(2006)
"Just You Me And The Highway Signs"(2006)
"Bright Eyes And Suicides" b/w "Somebody In Floral Park Loves You"(single-being played on 94.3 WCYY-Portland, ME)

Set List

"Somebody In Floral Park Loves You"
"100 Reasons"(unreleased)
"Bright Eyes And Suicides"(single)
"Chris Chambers Never Misses"
"Lighthouse"(fan favorite)
"Summer Of '69"(Bryan Adams cover)
"Lights, Camera, Satisfaction"(unreleased)
"The Longest Distance Between Two Points"

--Number of songs change when times of sets change--