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The best kept secret in music


"Music has never been so desperate for a new messiah"

In a world that is constantly on the go, it takes time to sit down and appreciate the smooth and soulful message of Paint's "Urban Folk Tales." Singer-songwriter Fretless is backed by a cello, a three-piece horn section, saturated with layers upon layers of acoustic and electric guitars, and a variety of percussion instruments, all to create a very diverse and intellectual sound. Paint seeks to combine pop, ska, funk, reggae, hip-hop, and folk with lyrics that scream out for a new generation to step forward, learn, and take care of the world around us. Homosexual rights, religious persecution, and prison abolition are only a few of the topics covered in this elegant and contemplative record. Although "Urban Folk Tales" is intriguing, those who just love to rock won't find what they're looking for here. Paint is for older audiences who have grown out of the angst-ridden bubble that many teenagers have yet to escape.
Fave Track: "The Open Road"
- June 24, 2004

- Youthink Magazine

""Urban Folk Tales" album review"

...the soulful shuffle "Death Row" and the rueful opener "Fifteen", the band conjures up a perfectly pleasant, dusky-summer vibe with well-placed cello, warm backup vocals, and laid-back acoustic grooves... these funky tunes sound like an American abstract artist fronting the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
- August 26, 2004
- The Georgia Straight

""Urban Folk Tales" album review"

Paint, demonstrating an ironic depth with the disc's title...bring the country "downtown", fusing timeless subjects with modern instruments and performances to form something different...Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed and Suzanne Vega did it...incorporating a collage of styles to represent the melting-pot that is American culture.
- September 23, 2004

- Splendid Magazine

""Urban Folk Tales" album review"

It's always a treat when artists incorporate everyday sounds in their music...melodically ear-pleasing rhythms...harmonic beauty of the female vocalist...this band may just make it in the urban world.
- July 12, 2004
- The Peak


"Urban Folk Tales" (Independent, May 2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in Vancouver in 2001 by singer-songwriter Fretless, PAINT quickly developed a mature, colourful and eclectic sound, merging Fretless' unique folk-funk blend with the rich classical stylings of cellist Tim Bartsch (Chantal Richard). Add into the mix the luscious harmonies of backup vocalists Karen O'Hearn and Annie Robichaud, the smooth jazz drumming of Alex McKechnie, a three-piece horn section, quirky percussion and layers of acoustic and electric guitars (with the addition of guitarist Henry Hsu), basses, pianos and strings, and you find yourself with one of the most innovative and exciting Canadian acts in recent memory, challenging the conventions of modern music by throwing of all of the paint at the canvas.

Meticulously recorded at Vogville Studios over a ten-month period (during which time the band took a self-imposed hiatus from its intimate and energetic live shows), PAINT's emotionally-charged debut L.P. "Urban Folk Tales" culminates musical and social diversity with community activism, carefully fusing elements of folk, funk, rock, hip-hop, reggae, ska and pop with passionate and insightful lyrical narratives around themes of prison abolition, women's and queer rights, race relations, religious persecution and historical treatises on world events. Written like a novel, "Urban Folk Tales" is a finely-crafted record that reads best from end to end, passing through the Motown-fueled grooves of White Sheep", the picturesque soundscapes of The Open Road", the exciting genre-blender "Girlie Boy", the gritty and beautiful "Madonna" and the gorgeous social commentary of "Rivers" en route an inspiring and enlightening musical journey.

Produced with a fervent live energy by Peacemaker Records co-founder and veteran reggae artist Shuggy Milligan (Love 'n' Life, Things 'n' Times, featuring Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare), and mixed to orchestral bliss by Caleb Stull, (Parlour Steps, Hinterland), "Urban Folk Tales" presents a lush image of the next wave of socially-conscious music; transcending boundaries with accessible artistic communication.

Independently released, "Urban Folk Tales" has elevated PAINT to top ten chart status on college radio across Canada and the United States, as well as critical acclaim in print media on online magazines. PAINT has shared the stage with the likes of the Electric Blues Euphoria, Parlour Steps, the Liquor Pigs and Tamara Nile. Busy composing songs for their next record, PAINT plans to support "Urban Folk Tales" with live performances and international touring.