Pájjaro electronic

Pájjaro electronic


Pajjaro fuses lounge-jazzy sounds & electronic beats with ambiental backgrounds to make music in different moods, going from reflective & imaginative landscapes to flashy dances over night skies.
Ready to be heard, these themes will take your fantasies or dreams into unique awesome dimensions...



Pájjaro electronic's sets cover a broad spectrum of tunes, based around jazzy sounds spiced over lounge and techno beats.

All arrangements are carefully created and produced by Pájjaro.

Great in energy and showing out his musical skills, his fresh themes emerge from the idea of music as an inside language ready to get exported from his soul to his audience in a fine strength-full way, particulary characterized by his alive performances with electric guitar and the pajjarófono.

Pajjarófono is his original instrument
and its made of wood and two strings;
sounds like a sitar and also a viola and
may be played in two ways: using a
bow or just his fingers.

Tasty-full tunes brighting at night are always ready to be heard in any concert, party or fine dinner...

His distinctive creations have imprinted his vision of untagging a way to show music, so if we label his work somehow, its notorious to hear a passional difference between his themes: Passerella & Fast drive are trendy with nice lounge beats, remarkable for the development of guitar and pajjarófono in melodies without missing the rhythm's flow; Love blizzard & Polar intersection break the notes in upbeat tempos and keep the dancing floor gratefully busy during the night; while Helado de Pistache & Water are most for the soul's peace and drive us to think about fantasy landscapes or rainy days, getting deep inside of our imagination.

Since the inception of his career Pájjaro has had a uniqueness that sets him apart from others, exploring new sounds and styles in his goal to deliver the best of his own musical complexity, without loosing sparkle and beauty in his various innovative ranges of composing.

At the end, the themes he makes arrive to the audience's ears to get in their soul with perfect harmony creating a timeless atmospherical frame as music passes through.

Keep your senses open for Pájjaro: its only joy.


Check out www.pajjaromusic.com

Set List

A typical Set is around 2hrs and takes people from easy imaginative landscapes to up-beat sounds that spice all time parties.