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High-Speed-Crossover aus Moskau
Sechs,manchmal sieben Blechblaser draengen sich auf der Buehne.Hinten troetet ein Tubist mit schraeger Frisur,vorne blasen die Posaunisten und Soxofonisten.Dann gibt es noch einen Banjo-Spieler,der auch klasse E-Gitarre spielt,einen abgedreht wirkenden Trompeter und einen Drummer,der anarchistisch den Rhythmus vorgibt.
Nur selten hoert man nachdenkliche oder gefuehlvolle Toene,meistens ist der Musik dieser Band irrwitzig schnell.Das muss auch so sein,schliesslich hat "Pakava It" einen Ruf zu verteidigen:die rasanteste,furioseste Brassband Russlands zu sein.
Das gelingt ihr muehelos.Die acht Blaeser,zu Hause ironisch "die fanfare von Moskau" gennant,bieten einen High-Speed-Crossover,der nur einen Geschwindigkeit kennt:Turbo.Zum Teil erinnert das,was aus ihren verbeulten Instrumenten heraustoent,an eine abgedrehte Techno-party.Doch das,was "Pakava It" dort auf die Buehne zaubert,hat viel mehr Groove.Wer mit russischer Musik das bekannte Seufzen der Domras und Balalaikas verbindet,der kann hier einiges dazulernen.
Wie bei vielen Bands aus der Moskauer Region basiert auch die Musik von Pakava It auf einem Mix aus Balkan-und Roma-Traditionen.Aber die Band modifiziert ihr Repertoire mit unterschiedlichen Ideen aus anderen Kulturkreisen,peppt es mit zuendenden Ska-,Jazz,Afro-und Latinelementen auf.
Die Zuschauer?Es wird getanzt,gehuepft,gejubelt.Das erste Wort,das die Band auf Deutsch lernte,soll "Zugabe" gewesen sein.Denn je ausgelessenerer sich das Publikum vor der Buehne gibt,umso schneller,wilder und treibender werden die dort oben.
Das Alte und die Modernitaet,das Ausgelassene und das Tiefgruende:Das alles bedeutet bei Pakava It einen Verbindung klangmaechtiger Blaeser,die enorm groovige Instrumentalnummer mit gelegentlichen Zwischenrufen bestreiten,mit einem kompakten Sound,der einen auch gerne die kleinen Schwaechen in Detail vergessen laesst.Da zeigt sich mal wieder,dasses haeufig das Unspektakulaere ist,in dem der wahre Reiz liegt.
- Reutlingen Nepomuk


"Who Are They?"
live 2002
"N1 For Baby"
"Pakava It' film"
dvd 2006
"Pakava It' film"
dvd 2007
"Last day in berlin"
ep 2007
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Pakava It

The Moscow orchestra. Unique formation of nine people, players and composers in the same time.
Each person of collective is independent creative person with completely different mentality,
education, roots. This is unusual existence of interaction between various
temperaments, motivations and images with just one uniting thing - the fact of living in Moscow.
The city of improbable sizes with lots of nationalities, with fast growing tempo of life and with
big quantity of social subcultures.
Pakava It is a music and all the rest that you can imagine with it. All the ideas and
emotions are transformed into melodies, harmonies and compositions, which talk to people in a Universal
language - language of sounds. This brilliant, hot and vital music is forcing people to think and move.

Short History:

Pakava It Orchestra was born in the middle of Moscow on the border between 99-00 years.
Their first stages were moscow boullevards, parks and streets in the company of creative youth.
Since all the compositions had a big story of creation and development, the formation of a band's repertoure took a long time.
The musical freedom develops the sound of Pakava in a first place, without any borders of styles and
directions. You can find pieces of jazz and classical music here, contemporary avantgarde, african and
latin-american dance music, club music, traditional world music... It is not just the mix, but style of living.
In a short time Pakava It started to be renowned guests of moscow clubs, different music festivals
and shows. During 2000-2007 Pakava took part in jazz, ethnic festivals, movie and theatre projects in Russia and abroad.
Pakava is touring around Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and other countries.

The press-report from the Festival Golden Mask

The performance of the band Pakava It during the Festival was quite justified. The Pakava’s set was really a show like in a theater with liitle bit of circus.
The musicians (there is a lot, you can not count them at once) juggle with their instruments, each plays his one role. The brass section makes advances to and provokes the public, stringed instruments and drums get the fire-brand.
Pakava It is a mix from some bits of the past. The mind evokes quite strange associations involving you in the typical Dovlatov-atmosphere of the Soviet coloration: there are socks for 10 copecks, bottle of wine for 1 rouble and 20 copecks, mineral water in automatic boxes, grandfathers Wolga-car, travels into the Crimea as holiday-makers with no advance booking, Moscow streets, parties and fests in small Stalin-flats, where the living space accommodates five people for m2 also the same number of bottles with strong alcohol. There is the atmosphere of the past in my mind, "I am young, carelessly, the sun shines to my ear, i have new canvas trousers and girls turn round to see my back!" It seems to be absolutely realistic.The pleaceof livintg and performing is Yalta in the Crimea. All the orchestra is a piece of hostory.Everybody have the own one.And, if you are thinking about the scale of all the country, so Pakava It' is like USSR, where different nationalities and habits were in the neighbourhood to each other. Those all is symmetrical with Pakava orchestra,consisting of nine or more musicians during different performances. There are different nationalities and especialy different tastes too.
Jazz, classic music, modern van, African and Latin-American dance music,all this is into Pakava It' repertoire. The multinational music-here is jazz with a splendid banjo part, Armenian melodies, south coloration (there are the grandfather in his Wolga-car and the Crimea in your imagination), "The Fly of the Bumble-bee", Jewish dances, classic piano music (it is almost quite on the line of French polonaises). Really, it is not a joke! There are added some electronic parts in the electronic version of music. You hardly follow the rythm.
If you want to say just three short words about the music of Pakava It',it will be: impertinent, optimism and skills. Those notions support the music and it is creditable.

The notes from Lyzlov

Nobody remains indifferent in Pakava’s performances. Everybody starts up at once unrestrained to dance and anybody, who does not dance, is being shaked or twitched by unvisible threds sitting on his chair. The reason is, that Pakava’s music seems to combine the unjunctionable things: hurricane drive and elegant tunefulness, unrestrained energetics and delicate lyricism. Pakava It' plays music of the world involving the best merry positive Jewish, Cuban, Jamaica, Brazilian, European motives, there are Jazz, Ska, Klezmer and Disco.
From all those ingredients the boys prepare a cocktail, which strips a roof.
There is a up-beat of Ska,cheerful and,in the same time, hooligans ralaxed spirits. There is a share of Jazz in the restricted improvisation (I do not like it's extreme form of forced h