The Pakman Sextet

The Pakman Sextet


Rock, Jazz, Funk.. Words people like..


Joel Packer was born and raised in the Chicagoland area. An array of different musical influences were available to him as a child ranging from the Beatles, Wilson Pickett, and The Police to John Lee Hooker, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin and Beethoven. Joel's early interest in listening to music built a strong foundation for questioning the spirit of music and how it is created. "I remember trying to plunk out melodies on my Dad's guitar when I was 5 and being intrigued by the sounds and harmonies". As Joel grew up he tried playing a few instruments before falling in love with the bass. "The lows just drew me in. I would hear a motown tune and really dig it. I listened to the Beatles and Paul McCartney's sound just sang to me". After a brief stint with music school, Joel decided that the classroom wasn't working out and that he needed to be playing all the time so he moved back to Chicago and got involved with the blues jams and joined various rock bands. As time went on Joel got involved with as many different types of music that were available to him and that is when Jazz became the forefront of Joel's passion. " I love the fact that the music is free to go wherever it feels like going and being able to express yourself spontaneously is an amazing feeling." With the love of Jazz music, came the love of composing and arranging music. "What is fun for me is having these ideas and hearing them come to life with other musicians. For me, that is one of the highest forms of gratification." For the past 12 years Joel has been performing with many different groups that range from country and soul to latin and reggae. Some of Joel's credits include performances with Rick Neilson of Cheap Trick, Big Time Sarah, Shirley King, Jimmy Burns, Jimmy Johnson, Nigel Mack, and Robin Henkel. Joel has shared the stage with John Scofield, Moe, The Jerry Garcia Band, Uncle Kracker, Blues Traveler, Chris Duarte, Lee Greenwood, Casey and the Sunshine Band and Buddy Guy. Most notably, Joel performs with the Navy Band, playing big band, rock, straight ahead jazz and concert band. This opportunity opened Joel's mind to big band and small band arranging. Some of Joel's band members work with him in the Navy Band, so they are always enthusiastic to play and create music. The Joel Packer Band is an energetic and diverse listening experience that will surely excite and entice the listener to feel the music. With an emphasis on heavy grooving of the rhythm section & rich harmonies of the horns, Joel Packer's music is creating a sound suitable for anyone seeking a deep and intense listening experience.


The Dansk Sessions

Set List

A typical set is 8 to 10 songs.
Brave Brakie, Mighty proud of Crisp..Depending on the situation of weather I am headlining or opening, I will do 1 to 3 sets, usually about 45 min to 1 hour. I do like to fit in some cover songs. Right now I am covering "Eye in the Sky"