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Pak is an American-Pakistani rapper/hiphop artist, frontman (for live hiphop-prog-rap freestyle band Samurai Funktion), producer, promoter, manager and more, raised in California now established in Honolulu, HI. His contributions to the music and hiphop ether are acutely felt and only gathering more momentum.


“BEing and creating on my own terms, appreciating everyone around, pushing for progress and enjoying the hell out of life - that’s what I’m all about! Music drives me, and coupled with all the energy I bring, mine - informed through relationship, identity and the mental/emotional hurdles faced in this modern era - is why my fans and new listeners alike continue to relate, connect and support!"

Adopting the stage name Pak is Samuel Vaqar John, an American-Pakistani rapper/hiphop artist, frontman (for live hiphop-prog-rap freestyle band Samurai Funktion), producer, promoter, manager and more, raised in California now established in Honolulu, HI.

Fans say he bares resemblance to the likes of Slug (of Atmosphere), Lupe Fiasco, Redman, Eyedea and similar artists. Impressed how he spits lyrical density with both intensity and clarity, counterbalanced by smooth G-funk inspired variances, he delivers a style all his own! Insightful plus the life-of-the-party, his music and high-vibration live performance never fails to impress, gaining new fans at every turn.

His most candid effort to date, the “I Will Not Be Chain3d” album/mixtape, arrived on Aug 15, 2018 as an independent self-release. It garnered a fully-funded grassroots Kickstarter album merch campaign, and an official music video for the first single "Metamorph (Up In The Head)" is out now.     

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Brought up chiefly in Southern California’s Inland Empire, he also spent formative years in Pakistan’s Punjab province, Northern California’s Napa Valley area and Honolulu, Hawaii where he now resides with his lovelier half and their 2 pet bunnies!

Family and personal turmoil (i.e. parent’s divorce, substance abuse, anxiety) as a teen saw him in some serious trouble until he discovered rhyming at 16 and fell hard for the art of freestyle rap. Not long after, he started writing, collaborating, producing, recording and performing – sensing this all his calling. This culminated in releasing several underground albums (“Peaceofmind”, “Ques?ion”, “Still Wunda”, “Rhyme4AReason”) and subsequent touring between 2008-2012. In summer 2012 he joined live-band Jive Slinky (exiting the band 2 years later shortly before it dissolved) as well as forming & fronting live hiphop-prog-rap freestyle band Samurai Funktion in 2013. At the same time in 2012 he went back to school, eventually earning a Nursing degree (he also holds a degree in Visual Communication), while simultaneously prepping his most personal and revealing project to date, the “I Will Not Be Chain3d” album/mixtape!

Influenced early on by West Coast icons (2Pac, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop...), East Coast legends (Nas, KRS-One...), Southern staples (Outkast, UGK...) and countless hiphop/rap crews (Jurassic 5, G-Unit, ATCQ...), to high-energy rock acts (Rage Against The Machine, Linkin Park, Nirvana, Limp Bizkit...), and following the lead of independent trail-blazers (Nine Inch Nails, Tech N9ne, Run The Jewels...), Pak is bent on mastering the craft of honest & unflinching self-expression – delivering prominent, penetrating lyrics & heartfelt renderings channeled off Emotion, Experience and Exchange. Not only that, he embodies a tenacious, independent DIY-spirit as an artist entrepreneur and is a perpetual source of positive vibrations – from championing sustainable mindsets, community engagement and optimistic perspectives to pushing peace, love, unity and having fun both on and off the stage.

Find Pak forging his own path – deriving strength through music and connecting with others through it all. Always crafting the purest, most-empowering music possible on a mission to capture imagination, experience catharsis and energize any & all vibing with!



Written By: Sam John (Pak)

I wanna
Make my music
Smoke my weed

I wanna
Make my music
Smoke my weed
Play with her pussy
Get us all free
Help out, when I can, anyone in need
Fly around the world a couple times rock beats
I want more knowledge,
I want more confidence
Power to just Be
I want more Courage, Wisdom, Happiness and Peace
In addition to that?
Yo I wanna Know me
I want friends and recognition
Enough money to lead,
Go anywhere I wanna,
Do anything I please
I wanna hide nothing
I want to explore
I want someone who wants the same can jump with me through them doors
I want health and well-being
A body strong and fit
I want meaning and direction
Purpose in this bitch
I want acceptance and connection
Action and perfection
Ability to say what I want without hesitation
I want
Patience and a way to escape this daily grind
I want to be my own boss, set my own 3-to-9
I want a girl who's down if I'm down with a few more girls
More than that I want a partner who's willin' to go for hers
I want love and enjoyment
A house I can call my home
I want to reign at the top
Opportunity on the throne
I want it All. Right. Now
I want what I don't got
I really really really want that one shot

I wanna
Make my music
Smoke my weed

I want everyone to bounce
When I step on the stage
I want the best version of me
I no want to be afraid
I want help when I'm down
Good vibes when I'm up
I want to keep moving,
Want to never get stuck
I want life to live like, anything is fair game
I want the whole world to remember my name
I want better ways of living
Without being slaves
I want the pain and confusion to go away

I wanna
Make my music
Smoke my weed
Play with her pussy
Get us all free
Help out, when I can, anyone in need
Fly around the world a couple times rock beats

I wanna
Make my music
Smoke my weed

I wanna
Make my music
Smoke my weed
Play with her pussy
Get us all free

Metamorph (Up In The Head)

Written By: Sam John (Pak)

Up in the head, everything seem worse up in the head
'Til I break it down spit it out let it out get it out to someone listenin'
Is there someone listenin'?! Out there out here
Where do I go to get whole? Throw on beats by J Cole then I'm off again Watchin' em interviews tryin' to kop somethin' off of them
Take a look at what this world be offerin'
Look around tryin' not to break down again
Drillin' in Alaska while they human traffickin' in Madagascar
But ya prolly think that place is loaded with animated animals from the image driven by Hollywood and the media
Now I aint sayin' the movie business wrong, but my man yo where the balance gone?
If it's all one story, one side, one call who calls the shots? (shot!)
I got locked by my mainframe
Feelin' on the world's pain
All of its sufferin'
Suffocatin' a player who wanna savor the flavor of everybody gettin' enough to eat
It's enough to make you wanna stop, cease, c'est la vie throw in the towel, consider defeat, but that is not me! (not me!)
My mom give me spiritual calm sayin' it's in my palms if I jus look up the Psalms
So I'm singin' these songs, goin' off on my own, rockin' these poems until I'm gone
Hopin' a few come along
Goin' the distance persistence is upon us
I'm so hard for change, I got a boner
Walkin' the block and spittin' on the corner
Sam John

Y'all know me (x8)

Now I'm rushin' to write, rushin' through my meals, forget about eatin' lookin' for deals
Tryin' to steal time from these raptors, while the world burns faster
I'm in class beyond Pass mode I'm in a class my own on my throne with the -phone
Micro- and tele-, you get me?!
Straight up communicatin' with everything I wanna be listen up let me tell these
Naysayers in my head, they all voices in my head that tell me I can't
I'm my own worst enemy, camp, there, tell me what to do, if I stay, then I fall back,
Into patterns I don't want to be a part of
Think about bein' a martyr, but I'm scared to
Give it my all I guess I'm doin' it stalled
On the runway, one way, some day install
That god chip Be on my, all, powerful

Come on y'all and get yours...

Look around, everythin' you lookin for found, inside if you jus' take time to look for it,
In my limited time I figured a couple of mine
Be kind, be rhyme, be one-of-a-kind, sublime, in my own skin, puffin' da kine
Enjoyin' the time I got gettin one, two, three, flips over this grind
Unh! (Yea)
I'm so over define jus' let my vibe speak for me, if you open ya mind ya give permission to shine
Put in time discipline over wastin your time, but every step got me to where I am in my life
And I cannot deny that Shit made me a Light, so I take that shit dark, turn it to bright
Now I'm down with this life

And I'm doper than I ever been flyer than I ever been sendin' this prayer up to the heavens with a crew of friends
All rootin', for ya boi to win
The true me never felt so good tellin' em
Freein' everything I got up in the head
Universe work time, mic, pad and pen
I am here, now, look! This is who I am
Won't go out, without a fight, got a vibe and hymn
All the world sing this song,
Boys come along, girls come along,
Throw 'em high energy never die, take another form
I infinite,
Find my place in it,
Make it like I want it, I'm on!
Beyond the storm, find calm
Disarm bombs and come along
You too damn strong to get taken off, you metamorph and keep going

Said you too damn strong to get taken off, you metamorph and keep going (keep going)

Y'all feel me (x8)

Just Getting Started

Written By: Sam John (Pak)

Thank you for vibing with me
It's Sam John
Wunda on the beat
One last thing before I go
Look, I'm on the top floor

Jumping out the building, falling
See me landing, on the awning
Alter ego, going hero
Clark Kent, Superman need dinero too
It's a weird you do?!
Upgrade from a hatchback to a couple coupes
For the troops, run the coup
See me on the court shooting hoops
Outta court, fuck the law, what it say to do
Me? I take it in my own paws, this is how to do
Never one to pause when the cypher coming through
Getting loose, one bottle of the juice, in the mornings
So much on my mind I need to meditate to calm it
I ain't got the time the will to read ill comments
I'm fighting with my pen trying to be honest
On it, like a shaman
Fuck the common, train of thought
I'm more Tesla, hyperloop, Elon Musk
Take a dump on my notepad daily
Think I'm crazy? Talking three-ways with my lady
She break it down save me from self-termination
Pep talk, health, help, self-determination
Living life my occupation, battle with procrastination
Hanging in a nation where the mission is to make it famous
And all I wanna do is change it...

And all I wanna do is change it, change it...
All I wanna do is change it, change it
Now watch me come on through and change it, change it

Watch out world...
I'm just gettin' started...


"I Will Not Be Chain3d" (2018) - 8-track album/mixtape

Set List

-Get In My Life
-Inside Out
-Make A Move
-F*&k Ur World
-No Mission Impossible
-Just Getting Started