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Honolulu, Hawaii, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Hip Hop




"Track Tuesday - Wanna (Pak)"

Yo OTDHipHop fam! Welcome back to another week of DOPE content here in our blog, and don’t forget to follow us on ALL of our social media. This week’s #TrackTuesday features an artist we’ve never had officially on OTDHipHop before, and that is hip hop artist/emcee, Pak!
I ran into him at a studio rehearsal this past Friday night and we chopped it up about his new project and fundraising campaign. Check out my review of his new song “Wanna,” from his newly released project,I Will Not Be Chain3d.

Pak has a really unique sound and demeanor as an emcee. Off rip, most might say he’s a “nerd” rapper but if you watch him closely at live shows and get to see his musical and visual content; he’s a lot more than that! “Wanna” is a good introduction to his persona and vibe. This is probably the most explicit from I Will Not Be Chain3d, but nonetheless I think it’s dope. The beat is produced by Syndrome and is a banger in itself, but I really like the sound effects on Pak’s flow and voice. It has a trap and EDM vibe that keeps me intrigued as a listener. Lyrically, Pak talks about the “come up” and all the things he desires; but there’s a maturity in his flow that mentions things like family, relationships, and mental and emotional stability. I’d love to hear this live!

Pak (Sam John) is an American-Pakistani independent hip hop/rap artist. With a potent flow, bright voice and magnetic presence, Pak does what he does best – tap the human spirit & light up people from all ages and walks of life. He is currently based in Honolulu, HI. For more on Pak, visit his website and/or follow him on Soundcloud. - OTDHipHop-Blog | Jehzan Exclusive

"Recent Video Round Up with Notiz Yong, Kill C Rey, Greaseball, Hvlloween, Theez, Pak, West Coast Avengers, Asend, Monocle and more"

Metamorph (Up in the Head) by Pak
Produced by Sinima Beats
Video by DJ Wunda

It's refreshing to see this style done so earnestly- the nice vid by Wunda doesn't hurt! Nice message and flow here from a cat I am just learning about this year Pak. - | Tristan "Tanjint Wiggy" Acker - Staff Writer


"I Will Not Be Chain3d" (2018) - 8-track album/mixtape



Pak is the alias & stage-name of Samuel Vaqar John, an American-Pakistani underground MC/rapper/vocalist, record producer, recording/performing artist, intellectual, writer, holistic health coach-RN & creative entrepreneur. Born Aug 15, 1985, he grew up in several places including Idaho, Pakistan and (mostly) California before transplanting to Hawaii at 20 years old. A dangerous brush with methamphetamine abuse & near-death experience at age 16 made him Realize his Potential & Determine his Priorities, and in 2001 he discovered the Power in Hip-Hop, Rap & the Art of Freestyle. Citing an array of lyrical influences – 2Pac, KRS-One, Nas, Eminem, Outkast, Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Q-Tip – and singer/songwriters like Nine Inch Nails and Damian Marley, he took a few detours but always kept on track with his Vision – to Create; Serve; Heal; Empower; Prosper People & Planet. From choirboy to vocab junkie to music fanatic to a human Being, he stands as an elite MC & lyricist in his own right – serving up punchy multisyllabic rhymes infused with vibrant melody & nuanced wordplay, and intelligent, poetic and relatable story-telling rich with Imagery, Insight, Energy & Flow.

More than anything Pak uses his distinct voice & perspective to RALLY, UNLEASH and BOOST the Mind, Body & Spirit! Themes like Relationship, Awareness, Social/Environmental Justice, Self-Discovery/Acceptance/Love, Celebrating/Having Fun & Spirituality prevail throughout his lyrics. His inspirations run the gamut from the vibes of Wu-Tang Clan to Rage Against The Machine, from Limp Bizkit to Run The Jewels, from Sublime to G-Unit; as well as films like The Matrix, video games like Final Fantasy 7, texts like the Kama Sutra (Guide on Love/Relationship/Intimacy), and figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Buddha, and Josephine Engebak. Whether superfan or first-timer, the people consistently cite him a "Stand-out!", "Highlight!" and "Favorite!" after every performance - from intimate lounge to packed house - and they are regularly tuning in & signing-on to his vibe, artistry & music.

(More about Pak…)

The son of Pakistani immigrants (mother a registered nurse, father a scientist/researcher & teacher), he was born in Moscow, Idaho and brought up chiefly in Southern California’s Inland Empire, though he also spent formative years in Pakistan’s Punjab province, Northern California’s Napa Valley area, Majuro atoll (capital of the Republic of the Marshall Islands), and Honolulu, Hawaii where he now resides with his lovely mastermind wife (a spirited Norwegian and fellow creative & intellectual!) and their 2 pet bunnies.

Family and personal turbulence (parents' bitter divorce, anxiety, substance abuse) as an upper-middle class suburban teen saw him in some serious trouble until in 2001, at age 16, he discovered rhyming and fell head-over-heels for the art of freestyle rap. Not long after, he started writing, collaborating, producing, recording and performing – sensing this his calling. This culminated in independently releasing several underground albums (“Peaceofmind”, “Ques?ion”, “Still Wunda”, “Rhyme4AReason” - all under the moniker "Peace Of Mind Crew") and subsequent touring between 2008-2012. In summer 2012 he joined live-band Jive Slinky (exiting the band in 2014 shortly before it dissolved) as well as forming & fronting live progressive hiphop/rap/rock/experimental freestyle band Samurai Funktion in 2013. Around the same time in 2012 he went back to school, and in 2018, he earned a Bachelors degree in Nursing (adding to a Bachelors in Communication & Multimedia he earned in 2008). The year 2018 also saw the release of his most personal and candid project up to that point, the “I Will Not Be Chain3d” album/mixtape. After organizing and performing his first live show (a college house party!) in 2005, he's invigorated every venue, show and stage he's booked since, and it's his undeniable presence, skill & energy that continues to earn him a celebrated reputation in every music scene he's a part!  

Throughout his journey, Pak is bent on mastering the craft of honest & unflinching self-disclosure – delivering impactful, penetrating lyrics & heartfelt renderings channeled off Emotion, Experience, Education and Exchange. Not only that, he embodies a tenacious, independent DIY-spirit as an artist entrepreneur and is a perpetual source of positive vibrations – from championing sustainable mindsets, community engagement and optimistic perspectives to pushing Peace, Love, Unity and safely Having Fun both on and off the stage.

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