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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Illinois Entertainer"

"Though some may argue that quality female-driven soul/funk bands are becoming a rarity, Northwest Chicago's Pala begs to differ. Fusing these soul/funk elements with jazz and rock influences lays a solid musical foundation that really works for Pala, one that singer Erin Mosher's sultry yet soulful vocals really bring home. These newcomers may quickly earn a place as one of Chicago's finest funk bands." - Carter Moss

"Windy City Times"

…consider Hurry Slowly (Down The Moon) by Pala. The first couple songs on the disc take an almost Frank Zappa-like approach to the funk before taking a turn towards jazz fusion on “The Game.” Female lead vocalist Erin Mosher gets to stretch out a bit on the back-to-back dreaminess of “In My Dreams” and the thumping vintage disco beat of “From My Angle.” - Gregg Shapiro

"Uncommon Sense"

PALA won over the Churchill’s crowd and showed the soul in today’s music scene / Early in their set PALA performed their new original, “Pocket Full of Ripples” and had the crowd’s full attention / A highlight during the show was Matt Baumann’s drum solo half way through their set. / PALA ends their set with a stretched out version of their song, “Second Hands.” Mike Anderson’s bass line drives the song to its destination, taking a few curves and scenic routes along the way. / Erin Mosher sure has serious soul in that little frame / [the set] showcased each member’s ability to move with one another on stage musically. / The band has a drive both onstage and off. / PALA [does’ all of their own booking, management, and publicity. Down the Moon Records is their own project, which they have 100% control over. “Seabus,” another original, is their first single release and [an accompanying video]. / Back home PALA plays their original soul-funk blend at a variety of loft and after-hours parties. There is a very big Chicago underground scene welcoming PALA with open arms. They have performed on Chicago’s National Public Radio, Chicago’s Improv Fest and with top acts such as George Clinton and The Samples. - Chris Kotarski

"Big Creek"

"Dig the disc! I've always been a fan of similar local music (Liquid Soul, Bumpus, etc.), which you bring a different approach (lot's o soul) to… I like very much." - Tom Neubauer


PALA have shared a stage with: Neil Pollack (McSweeney's & Vanity Fair), Ira Glass (This American Life), Ike Berinholz (MAD TV), Josh Meyers (MAD TV), Mo Collins (MAD TV), Midnight Circus (Chicago), Cheer Chicago Dancers, Chic A Go Go (Chicago), the Samples (Vermont's other jam band), 80's revival act Hairbangers Ball, Starcandy (Chicago Neo Soul), Lisa G and Montage (Madison, WI. Funksters), Hack N' Wheez (Chicago Psychedelic Jam Rock), Circadian (Milwaukee's patchouli scented jammers), and sketch comedy troupe Schadenfreude (WBEZ 91.5FM). - PALA


EP: "PALA" (self-released 2002)
LP: "Hurry Slowly" (Down the Moon 2003)
Lastest Single: "The Game" as heard on 93.1 WXRT (Chicago)


Feeling a bit camera shy


PALA is a female-fronted progressive soul band that was born out of necessity. Extensions of such notable acts as Family Lifted (funk/soul), the Convulsions (British R$B), Echo (vox electronica) and the East Village Project (funk/soul), PALA rises to take the principle of dance music to another level. As the Chicago music scene felt an insurgence of dance music in the late 1990s, members of PALA got on board. It became clear, as the scene faded, that urban audiences were more sophisticated than a repetitive four on the floor. Yes, they wanted to be grooved – but they also wanted to be moved.

Enter PALA: the next millennium of groove. Taking its name from Aldous Huxley's 'The Island', PALA is its own rock in the sea. You will definitely dance, but PALA is forward thinking, not content with just making an audience sway their way. This group embodies the spirit of rock, funk and pop and parlays it with a thick underlying groove and a sultry vocal overlay. Their live shows are intense and busting with soul. But this variety of soul is unique and not limited to the parameters that once defined the genre. PALA is provocative. PALA is progressive. PALA is soul.

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