Live EDM performed by a mixture of live instrument looping and dj like controls.


Identical twins Zach and Josh Wheeler have been in sync and on mission since birth. Their latest phase is the electronic duo Pal&Drome.

Palindrome, a word, line, verse, number etc., reading the same backward as forward, as Madam, I am Adam.

Or, as they may even view themselves: Never odd or even.

Pal&Drome was formed in 2011. Their musical ability to play live instruments instead of creating electronic sequences separates these twin geniuses from other artists. The organic layer of live tracks over live looping is a rare animal in the EDM world, or even in the modern music world.

Using their years of playing in the seminal San Diego indie rock band Scarlet Symphony (garnering two SD music awards and national tours) as somewhat of a training ground, these two phenomenal artists have broke new ground in the electronic genre, incorporating live electro, looping, improv and heavy heavy grooves to create a very unique niche.

Pal&Drome exclusively uses the diy COMASCOPE light show, providing a righteously integrated sonic and visual live performance.

Pal&Drome is well into finishing their tracks that they have been performing live, expected to all be dropped very soon.


All This Time

Written By: Pal&Drome

All this time, All this time,
We were both sides

From inside, worlds collide,
All this time