Tampa, Florida, USA

After nearly a decade of pulverizing a drum kit for South Florida alt/ indie trio Lukali, Vinnie Cosentino has picked up his guitar to front the loud, low tuned, high energy Palantine.


The year is 1991, I am 11 years old and I am on drums covering "War Pigs" in my very first rock band, "Lost Child" at the Paragon Rock School band showcase in Tampa, FL. This would be the beginning of a life long commitment to rock music for me that was further galvanized by the formation the alt/ indie trio Lukali in the mid 90's. Over the years Lukali has performed at the State Theater, Jannus Landing, and Masquerade in Tampa FL, in addition to venues in most major southeastern cities opening for bands like the Thermals, Burning Brides and Holopaw.

Palantine began in the fall of 2005 as a side project for me to write and record the type of songs I have always had a yearning for, loud and suspenseful with no lulls and completely sincere.


Build Precious Parts

Written By: Vinnie Cosentino

V1 - Circuits and lights

Soldered with blood

Compression is built

Just as it should

Assembling steel

Cowering down

I build precious parts

My work is for good

Ch1 - I build precious parts (2x)

V2 - Steam pushing out

Into the air

Filling my head

Just cause it could

Finding it's way

A family's despair

I build precious parts

My work is for good

Ch2 - I build precious parts (2x)


Sight and Concrete Hills is receiving airplay at WMNF 88.5 in Tampa, FL and MP3's are available at

Set List

Red Running
Build Precious Parts
No Constant
Day Job
Devils Fool
I am Decided - (The Amps/ cover)
Sight and Concrete Hills
Honest Lifes Work