Pale Autumn

Pale Autumn

 Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, USA

Pale Autumn is the collective work of musicians from many backgrounds with all the same desires. Creating simplistic music and not being afraid of sometimes breaking creative boundries by exploring visions they have yet to experience.

With members that has had a songwriting history together, and some close friends and guest musicians to contribute to this project, Pale Autumn takes it back to the way it should be, friends in a room making music and letting that music speak for itself.


For the last seven years Nick Santone, Bobby Hall, and Pat McGraw have worked together searching for a sound that offered them all a sense of fulfillment. A musical outlet that utilized both their talents and their feelings. Pale Autumn is the culmination of those efforts. As with any endeavor undertaken by all, reaching this point has been a great challenge. Through determination and belief in each other, these three friends have finally discovered something they truly believe in. An expression of their most inner thoughts and emotions. The sheer enjoyment and love of making music translates through their creations. With a unique combination of heart felt vocals, gritty guitars, deep bass and tasteful drumming. Pale Autumn molds their experience into an audible picture.A window into themselves they wish to share. It has been a long road getting to this place. Many obstacles have presented themselves along the way. But the journey has matured and bonded three friends and musicians into what you hear today.