Paledave music is insightful lyrics set in an eclectic mix of honest rock with hooks. Paledave live includes introspective and energetic acoustic shows, as well as full rockin' band performances.


Paledave is based out of Ypsilanti, MI, just outside of Detroit. The band started in 2003 as a solo venture featuring singer/songwriter Dave Buehrer. Dave has played guitar and provided vocals for a number of cover and original bands, as well as acoustic acts, since the late 80s. Dave's influences range from singer/songwriters, to punk, to classic rock, and even 70s pop. He loves a "catchy - yet rockin'" song, which explains why he lists songwriters like Paul Westerberg, Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, Neil Young, and The Jayhawks as some of his influences. The band's sound has been compared to Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, and The Wallflowers.

Paledave live includes energetic, yet relaxed, acoustic shows, as well as full rockin’ band performances. The shows benefit from the warm harmonies and steady percussion of Jenny Fair, and acoustic shows often include hand drums and/or bass from one of “the Jons.” As for full band performances, Jon Carmona lays down a solid bass foundation, while adding his own style and swagger with some “extra C.” John Churchville holds the foundation together with his energetic drumming and “shut up and play” attitude. Guest keyboardists, Joe Neely and John Goodell (another of the Jons) are featured on new recordings and perform at many Paledave shows. That’s Joe you hear on trumpet.

In music festivals, clubs, and coffee houses their shows have been enjoyed throughout the upper midwest.

Paledave released their 2nd album, "One Good Leg," in June, 2008. On the new album, they have broadened their range of musical styles and instrumentation providing an exciting new sound for their fan base. The first CD, titled “Find What You Love,” was released in 2004, and continues to receive airplay on Ann Arbor’s 107.1 FM. Songs are being downloaded at over 50 websites including iTunes and Rhapsody.

Performance Examples:

Local Venues (Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti): The Blind Pig, Espresso Royale, The Old Town, The Tap Room Annex, Bombadill's, Rick's
Plus multiple venues in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.
City Festivals: Toledo Rib-Off '05, Toledo Taste of the Town '06, Bronson Polish Festival '05, Central Lake Arts Festival '05.

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Under My Thumb

Written By: David Buehrer

(verse 1)
Either you’re a drunk or just ambivalent - you only see straight ‘bout half the time

Pacing and stumblin’ you’re feet pound the floor - you’ve heard our screams all before

And it’s not always when you think you know - writing in someone else’s ink

I wanna hold you up to all you’ve been

(verse 2)
Christmas cards and presents tell me where I’ve been - by the people I encountered long ago

They knew me when I was, they knew me when - how consistant was I to them

And they’re bound to give me clues to things I’ve ignored

I’m just a thin thought away from all I’ve been

I’m under my thumb, controlling all the weather ‘round my heart

I’ve got secrets - they come up when I’m sleeping as I’m awaking

I’m under my thumb, weeping wishing I knew how to be myself, how to be myself - be myself


(verse 3)
Whether I’m a drunk or just ambivalent - I only see straight ‘bout half the time

I knew you when you were, I knew you when - how consistant were you to me

And I’m bound to give you clues, to the things you’ve ignored

You’re just a thin thought away from all you’ve been


© 2006 David Buehrer


One Good Leg - © 2008 released June, 2008
Find What You Love - © 2003 released March, 2004

"Counting Moles" - track from Find What You Love receiving airplay on Ann Arbor's 107.1 FM

Paledave songs can be downloaded at over 50 websites including iTunes, Napster, and Rhapsody.

CDs available at

Set List

Whether booking Paledave for original music or covers, the band provides an energetic and eclectic mix of songs offering both male and female vocals (vocals are shared by Dave and Jenny Fair).

Original songs: 2-3 sets (Band or Acoustic)
Cover songs: 3-4 sets (Band or Acoustic)

Sets are custom designed for the venue and its audience. The following is a partial list of recording artists covered by the band:

Elvis Costello
The Jayhawks
KT Tunstall
The Velvet Underground
Green Day
Sheryl Crow
The Faces
Fleetwood Mac
Bob Dylan
Tracy Chapman
Bruce Springsteen
Joan Osborne
Foo Fighters
10,000 Maniacs
Tracy Bonham
Steve Earle
The Pretenders
David Bowie
The Kinks
Kathleen Edwards
Neil Young
The Replacements ... and many more.