London, England, GBR

Paleday are a fresh and contemporary 7-piece pop group from the UK playing their own super-tight flavour of music. With influences ranging from the modern day stylings of Moloko, Scissor Sisters and Mika, blended with the best of bands like Chic and Earth, Wind & Fire in the 70s, music to dance to.


350,000 profile views on myspace can't be wrong - Paleday's rapidly growing army of fans feel they already know the hits from their full-length debut album 'Love The Groove', so memorable are the hooks. Harmonies, tight licks and an irrepressible groove are the hallmark of this live act. Guaranteed to get audiences dancing in venues from mid-sized to arena capacity and beyond.

Published by Respect Music Limited (UK)
Sub-published by Kobalt Music Group (most other territories)

'Love The Groove' (Ranggy Tanggy Records) is available for licensing in all territories.

350,000 myspace profile views, 300,000 song plays, 33,000 friends and an incredibly active online 'Street Team'

youtube LIVE Paleday videos - 40,000 views in just one month

'Love The Groove' was mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Geoff Pesche (Kylie, Spice Girls)

'Love The Groove' was mixed by Jimmy Sarikas (Culture Club, Beverley Knight)

'Eurotramp' spent 7 weeks in the UK club charts and is currently enjoying extensive US airplay including playlisting on New York's biggest dance station with half a million listeners

'Eurotramp' has been played on rotation for 2 months throughout every H&M store in the UK.

Paleday's Sam was previously signed to EMI Japan selling 30,000 records, including a hit track written by Hotei Tomoyasu. Sam also briefly appeared as the new face of Culture Club replacing Boy George in 2006.

Members of Paleday have worked with many world-class acts including Culture Club, McFly, Sugababes and even the legendary Diana Ross

Paleday vocals appear on international superstar DJ Paul Van Dyk's 'Politics of Dancing 2' album


Bimbo (Funky In Your Disco)

Written By: Paleday Partnership

All we've got to do is be funky in your disco
And everything is alright
Said all we've got to do is be funky in your disco
We're going to have a great night
Everywhere the people stop and stare
Because we have a good time
Said all we've got to do is be funky in your disco
One day you'll be mine

I like to be a bimbo
Because I know I'm not
I like to go out shopping
And buy everything I've already got
Consuming is my purpose, consuming is my role
Spending all my money and looking kind of cool
Eating at the Ivy, dancing round the pool
And doing everything to make you love me

All we've got to do is be funky in your disco...

Time to funk, a disco funk, time to funk, a pankle funk
Time to funk, a minkle funk, time to funk, a Paleday funk

Swirl around the dancefloor
You're looking for a dream
Someone to cling onto
Though they're never what they seem
You know your look's diametrically opposed
You like his brain, he likes his clothes
And the night's much younger than you both
So you've known him for minutes, give it a go

All we've got to do is be funky in your disco...

Look Up At The Stars

Written By: Anthony Jackson-Stubbs

Funny how I remember your smile
And the sparkle in your eye
I always knew you were there for me
Until we said goodbye
You made the sunrise sound like the start
Of a beautiful romance
The new day like a newborn child
The night like our first dance

Now you shine like a star in the great big sky
I'm missing you so and I think I'll cry
The tears will be of joy as much as pain
You had a lot of strength and dignity
I'll always know that you loved me
I look up at the stars and there you'll be

Even now I can see your face
I can hear your laughter too
No regrets, it's time to say goodbye
You filled me with a sense of purpose
Taught me right from wrong
And you always turned the other cheek
And that's why I am strong

Now you shine...

Real beauty comes from deep inside
You showed me how to live my life

Now you shine...


Jan 2008 - Eurotramp (single) - 7 weeks in Music Week commercial club pop chart peaking at no 13, received plays on Capital and Smooth FM. Available on iTunes etc. Currently beginning promotion to US radio by Harry Frank Towers of Deet Promotions

Love The Groove (album) - available now from website (mail order CD) and worldwide on iTunes, napster, emusic, etc.

Love The Groove is available for licencing in all territories.

Set List

Recently we've been playing 30-45 mins live taking tracks from the new 'Love The Groove' album. But with another couple of albums' worth of material, the sky is the limit.

Example 45 min set list:

Dancing By Myself
It's Our Time
Blue Sky
Look Up At The Stars
Blind Panic
Love The Groove
Bimbo (Funky In Your Disco)
Cool Party People
If I Lived On The Moon