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Pale Horse

Armonk, New York, United States

Armonk, New York, United States
Band Rock Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"[Live Review] Save CBGB Benefit- Aug 11, 2005"

"Waiting, a band was doing their sound check, and to tell you the truth, they seemed kind of grunge-lite, and I wasn't necessarily looking forward to their position further up in the evening's roster. They weren't scheduled to be on for a while, so I didn't think too much about it..."

"...I knew it was time for the band I saw do their sound check, so I packed up my camera, put it away, and figured I'd just stay long enough to hear what they sounded like for real. Once they started playing, well, I unpacked my camera and stayed for the whole set...solid metal, with a strong Motorhead injection...put out a good vibe, stalking the stage, pointing and playing to the crowd, and getting the appreciative audience to sing along a song or two by shoving his mike into their faces at appropriate moments, which they loved. I'm glad I stayed...pure rock'n'roll class."

[Complete review here:] - Jersey Beat

"Showcase Comments"

"Pale Horse rode in and assaulted us, highlight of the evening"
"Great charisma and drive"
"Great energetic music, this could make it"
"Energetic, heavy, a spark to be watched"
"Everything was great"
"Awesome frontman, natural stage presence"
"Metal, with hooks!" - Lillian's - Lakeland, FL - 10/7/06

"Disk + Show review"

Score: 9/10
[of current demo - same reviewer gave Dream Theatre's latest 7/10]

"In short, go see these guys if you live in the New York area. Pick up their CD, and get some quality grade-A METAL into your life. Not a lot of bands are playing old school metal anymore with such power, conviction, and surprising originality. Managing to sound modern without buckling to any trends, they avoid the cliches inherent in so many great metal records of the past, and crank out some incredible stuff that should have any record label's jaw on the floor."

-Feb '06 -

"24/7 - Jan 22, 2005"

New Bands Breathe New Life Into Old Licks
by: Christy Goodman

"...Though Pale Horse claims Motorhead as an influence, they really have taken their artistry to another level." - Courier - Life

"Disk Review"

"they rock like a bunch of leather clad, 6 and half foot tall dudes with greasy hair and thick, tattoo-covered necks. These are the guys who spit on pop-punks and smooth jazz aficionados....

"Their sound is classic hard rock, at times sounding like variations of AC/DC, Motorhead, Danzig and Ted Nugent. Barry (a bassist’s name if there ever was one) plays bass lines that are fast and plucky, racing inside of Paul’s hard pounding kick and snare as it’s chased by a large distorted guitar riff. Nagy plays guitar like he was born in an outlaw bar already wearing leather boots: he is everything a guitarist should be, sensible within the track, but willing to unleash at a moment’s notice...

"These guys have managed to not only rock, but also to be inspirational. You don’t put this stuff on quietly and read a book though; you turn it up loud and drive fast or smash electronics with a sledge hammer." - North-East InTune


A 6-track beta-EP is available at all our shows.

We appear on Scatboy Records' Motorhead tribute album, 'Remember Me, I'm Motorhead' (2005).

'Sleepwalking' appears on the Stoned Singer Entertainment Compilation CD (2005).



We are an original hard rock/metal band from NJ/NY. Formed in 2002 (current lineup completed in 2007), we play all over the Tri-State area.

The sound is more accurately described as dirty hard rock/metal, heavy on the distortion and energy. We strive to sound completely original, taking our lessons from Motorhead, Megadeth, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, the Ramones, and many other good bands. Nimble yet crushing guitar and bass, a never-say-slow-down drummer, and an unbelievably versitile and powerful vocalist combine to form PALE HORSE.

The music is distinct and stands out against mindless '-core' metal and soulless indie acts that litter the music scene. No label will stick, we're just good rock and roll.

The show features great music, much sweat and energy, crowd participation and flying frontmen.

Pale Horse has played and headlined at some of New York City's best venues, including CBGB, L'Amour and Continental. They are currently looking to tour regionally in the Northeast.

Won the Ramsey Battle of the Bands
2nd Place - Rock Solid Pressure Showcase
Demo received 9/10 from