Pale Moon

Pale Moon


Pale Moon is beat thumping, dance hoppin wonderstorm of tunes and jams rocking out every nook and cranny. The music is based on improvisation through every genre of music - twisting, belnding, and creating.


The current members of Pale Moon originate from Middlebury Union High School, more specifically the High School Jazz Ensemble. Playing music through school allowed them to start playing in alternate bands after class, such as Funk That! and the Phox. Peter MacIntyre, Mark Daly, and Oliver Parini started jamming together, with Pete on keyboards and Oliver on guitar, with hopes of actually playing some gigs. It was more just a messing around type of thing. Brent Thomas and Eric Maier played some gigs with the Phox, including a battle of the bands at Higher Ground. Pete graduated before the rest and the Phox broke up, leaving the rest on their own. In the fall of 2003, Pale Moon was formed with Mark on drums, Oliver on guitar, Eric on keys, and Brent on bass. They started writing originals and played covers at small gigs such as talent shows and the prom, with occasional accompanyment from Dan Humphrey on saxaphone. Then there was the gig at a local campground party, where Oliver was absent and Pete happened to be there with his guitar. They jammed the whole night through, and soon the new band formed with Pete on guitar since Oliver was away for the summer. They played several local gigs through the summer of 2004, with the highlight at Two Brothers Tavern in Middlebury, Vermont. The band parted ways for a year since they each went to separate colleges, but have recently come back together and have been jamming and gigging a whole lot more, looking for new places to play all the time. Pale Moon's music is influenced by Phish, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, James Brown, and many more which give them their funk rock sound with a twist of lemon. But it's the band's improvisation that really defines their sound and their live experience, since they write a setlist but rarely follow it. They play by instinct and feed off of the crowd, and make the show fun by playing songs backwards, switching instruments, having the crowd involved in songs, freestyling, and a whole lot more. There's always something new every time, and the energy is always of a high calibur and will keep the audience wanting more and more.


There are no studio albums recorded, but many live CDs in circulation as well as three self-produced tracks.

Set List

A typical setlist contains two sets and usually takes up an hour and a half to two hours of time, though the band has played up to four hours long. Both original songs and covers are played:

Originals - City Duck, Never Shake a Baby, That's the Way We Go, Ode, One Big Skit, Eggrae, Emeraldson, Sweet Love, TMH, Darkness of Night, Plan, Jimmy and Gobbles, Pale Blues

Covers - Llama, Santeria, One Way Out, Right Place Wrong Time, Margaritaville, Let's Get it On, Chalkdust Torture, First Tube, Tweezer Reprise, Sample in a Jar, Roots Rock Reggae, Trenchtown Rock, I Feel Good, Fire, Sweet Child of Mine, Riders on the Storm, Funk #49, Shake Everything You Got, Echoes, Cities, Chameleon, Scarlet Begonias