PALEO is the psych folk indie lounge rock balladry of closetgoth cavern slow-dance poet Dave Strackany.


PALEO is the singular effort of poet and painter David Andrew Strackany. His debut effort MISERY, MISSOURI is a strident lo-fi epic, captured with a single palfrey microphone during a two-week stay at a horse ranch in the Ozarks.

Since self-releasing the record in September of 2005, Paleo has played 150+ shows across the continental US in almost every state, all while struggling to write a song every day for a year (THE SONG DIARY - 365 songs in 365 days -

Strackany has already tracked the second Paleo full-length, recording this followup to Misery while fasting in motel rooms in one-horse towns across The Bible Belt in the summer of 2005.



Written By: Dave Strackany

Everyone smiled as she slipped on the ice.
And her glasses lay smashed on the Cadillac's dash
as a mom drove us home from the park.

When dad pulls a cat
from the brim of his hat
and takes off his dress slacks
to hand mom the whiplash,

she winks and says life is not easy.

And your paper shakes as you make this mistake
in the speech that you gave to your peers from the stage
about causes of teen apathy.

But like you — just like you —
they are doing the best that they can.

We'll have nothing to fear
when it all disappears
as they turn off The Lights
from the top of The Stairs.

Sure it's quite the tough sell,
laughs Houdini in hell
as he saws you in half.
But listen up; do the math:

Life is not easy.

Driving away, she would mournfully state
that her life never changes.
It's been ages. Ages.
Now her words they dissolve on my tongue.
Just like you. Just like you.
As the music goes out like a match...

In The Morning Linda Dies

Written By: Paleo (David Strackany)


the morning of the flood
it was the morning linda died
while i was busy cutting diamonds
with the corners of my life
we drew a full house on the river
it was erased before our eyes
we know although things last forever
they must change their shape sometimes

i am safe and i am sorry
in the evergreens at night
and i am looking through your window
i am staring at your mind
when linda dies and linda dies and linda dies

it seems to me forever
i've been waiting in this tree
and so i go now by goliath
i'm my favorite enemy
we are careless with our wishing
with the truths we tell through teeth
you be careful what you pay for
when the soul is your receipt
they are boarding up the phone
they are boarding up their eyes
you will board open your hands
i will board the kites of time
deliver me tomorrow
care of sleep, my moving boat
but it can take me only so far
only so far yet to go
when linda dies and linda dies and linda dies

we have cut through most of georgia
not 200 miles to go
we are all buried in the jordan
turns our spirits white like snow
there is a door within its palm
it will not hit us where we go

This Is The Life

Written By: Paleo (David Strackany)


making up and making out
like bandits in the night
who decides what's found and left to find?

what i was made for
what i was made for

open up your eyes and seek
your wisdoms in the trees
but dreams you have to close your eyes to see

what you were meant for
what you were made for

doors will close
and open like the sky
swallows sailing by
this is the life i was meant for

doors will close
and open like the sky
diamonds in the mine
could she become who i was meant for?
who i was meant for

doors will close
and open like the sky
like the part of you that dies
when you become who i was made for
what you were meant for

once upon a time there lived
a hope inside my heart
like a shadow you've been cast in every part
but the one you were made for
what you were made for

doors will close
and open like the sky
you will draw the blood of lines
when you become what you were made for
what you were made for
what you were made for
what you were made for


Paleo - Misery, Missouri (LP)
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