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Pale Soul /Headlock Muzak

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Pale Soul is a veteran hip hop Emcee/producer from legendary crew "Oldominion". Pale Soul is known for his Street savvy lyrics with a soulful sound accompanied by catchy hooks and harmonies. Headlock Muzak is a showcase of Pales Debut artists including LsDUB - Sick Aura & DJ Chango. A true class act


Talent is something seemingly rare in these, the days of materialistic hip-hop and made for radio music with little or no soul; no backbone. Enter Pale Soul, a founding member of the Northwest's Oldominion crew. Pale Soul is an equally skilled MC and Producer. His self-produced debut solo LP, “Fear Is the Mind Killer”, showcases his talents as a complete song maker. Pale is able to visualize a concept and construct a song from start to finish, a talent few in this diluted industry have accomplished on a regular basis.

Pale Soul’s "Fear is the Mind Killer" LP is considered to be an underground hip hop classic and one of the most sought after independent albums in the world. This well rounded artist has developed his live show touring the country with his crew, Oldominion and established talents like Swollen Members, The Micranots, and Rhymsayers crew as well as sharing the stage with entertainment giants such as Snoop Dogg, GZA, Casual of the legendary Hyroglyphics crew and countless other major recording artists.

Pale Soul is an integral member of Oldominion, and the sound that emanates from his MPC is largely responsible for the dark, haunting, and spiritual feel of his crew's music. At the same time, Pale is known for his street savvy and aggressive microphone personality, as well as for his harmonious cadences and hooks.

In 2003, Pale Soul moved from Portland, Oregon to Austin, Texas to pursue his musical career as a producer, working with local Austin artists, such as D.O.S., Jahlila, and D-Madness. Shortly after arriving, Pale found himself playing local gigs and adapting to the scene of the live music capital of the world until establishing a home on the stage at Ludwig’s, located on 4th and Colorado, playing keys and running heavy breaks live with his MPC accompanied by D-Madness on drums and bass, and Michael Caesar playing alto saxophone. The weekly night was known as “Ice Cream Sunday’s”. The gig lasted 2 years and was the place to be on Sunday nights, until Pale eventually moved back to Portland, Oregon.

Over the past decade, Pale Soul has produced countless songs and records for artists all over the world such as: OLDOMINION / Spice 1 / Masta Ace / Abstract Rude / Acey Alone / Messy Marv / Cannibal Ox / Chicharones / Zelly Rock / Josh Martinez / Luni Corleone / T Nutty / Hollow Tip / Mad Skillz

Now in 2008, Pale is still producing hit records and ground breaking projects, and is owner and CEO of Headlock Muzak LLC, a custom music production and song writing studio. In an effort to contribute to the community and educate young artists in the advancement of their musical endeavors, Pale Soul’s vision for Headlock Muzak is to provide high quality custom music production, while offering local artists the professional tools and unsurpassed creative talent and experience that will aid in the development of their musical interests.

A renowned recording artist, Pale Soul’s sophomore debut album “No One Gets Out Alive” is due to be released May 8, 2009. Many feel that this highly anticipated album is long overdue and are eager to hear the superior production and philosophical insight of the street savvy approach to the art form of West Coast hip hop. Not only has Pale Soul produced countless records for his hometown crew, Oldominion, his contribution to hip hop in the cities of Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, as well as nationally and internationally, is truly the story of an unsung pioneer.


Pale Soul - Fear is the mind killer LP (2004) -
Pale Soul - No one gets out alive LP (2009) -
LsDUB - Creative Writing LP (2000)
LsDUB - twothousandsomethintilwhenever LP (2005)
LsDUB - Free 4 All LP (2009)

Set List

Pale Soul w/Sick Aura (Set list) aprox. 30:00 (original music)
1. Altered species
2. Blade Runner
3. Bad Medicine
4. Marmalade
5. One too many times
6. Never Sleep
7. Ride & Get high
8. Die by the gun

[Headlock Muzak]
LsDUB (Set List) Approx. 30:00 (Original Music)
1. So whatchya doin
2. All I know
3. Riding 14's
4. When the sun goes down
5. Smoke wit us
6. Action
7. How I do