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No More Empty Rooms EP
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This band is ambitious. Maybe too much for their own good. They’re always aiming for the next highest mark. Last summer they decided to make band t-shirts, on a whim, for an upcoming show. So, where almost everybody else would just send them out to get made, they decided to make them by hand, themselves. They literally built the screen printing equipment, making it up as they went. Sure, it all went wrong at first, but a couple of stitches, a lot of paint, and some shirt fueled fires later, they made some great shirts they could be proud of (I’m wearing one right now). This is only one among many dozen home brewed projects the band has taken on and conquered (Don’t ask about the vocal booth. “Measure twice, cut once” is all I have to say.) This is the same approach they’ve taken to their music. Their willingness to try anything, always in the spirit of getting better, has brought them a long way. Their music, like their shirts, will always be something they can be proud of.

Based out of Pacific Palisades, the band comes from all over the city of LA. Friends since high school, they’ve stayed together and stayed friends because of those Sunday afternoons they spend making music together. The fact that their music is made freely out of the same creative drive they bring to the rest of their lives keeps it from ever getting old. Now, five years later, they’re interested in taking their music out to the rest of the country, hoping to find some kindred souls.

What the fans are saying:

“Machines is one of the most beautiful things I have heard on this site. Please keep making and posting music—at least one among you is an unbelievably talented songwriter.” - arcadia

“You guys are one of my new favorite bands. The vocals really stand out, but the music is really well composed. I have to admit I teared up a little listening to your music.” - WhyTheBigPause

“Wow. I think I'm in love with Machines. What a great sound, tone, rhythm, and the lyrics. Gorgeous! :) Keep up the awesome work! From how you sound I think you're gonna go the distance! Keep your heads up high and your karma pure!” - moalisiddiqui

“This song is simultaneously adorable, beautiful, and lonely. I love it.” - Birdie