Nicole Pallanti

Nicole Pallanti


Nicole has 6 instrumentals in's on-line music library. Also, her punk-pop rendition of Alka Seltzer's classic "Plop-Plop-Fizz-Fizz Oh-What-a-Relief-It-Is" jingle was featured on their 2006 Battle of the Bands "Coolest Tracks" page.

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Stay tuned! :-) Meanwhile, check out the 6 instrumental tracks that she currently has in My Music's on-line music library ( They are:

"A New Beginning" (retitled "Beginning Again")
"My Beloved (for Josep) (retitled "Joseph's Song")
"Lovers of Legend" (retitled "Fable's Friend")
"No Stones Unturned" (retitled "Possibilities")
"The 7th Level" (retitled "Seventh Element")
"The Love Letter" (retitled "Love Notes")