Some have described PALLET as rock, some as punk, and some as metal. Whatever it is, it's loud and easy to bop your head and raise your beer to. We are five guys who truly have fun, adore each other and share the same love of pop culture, beer, Star Wars,New England sports teams, and fast food.


PALLET was formed in 1997 from brothers Jay and Marc Tarrant, and Rob Allen on drums.They went on to play Gillette Stadium(For a convention),STAR WARS Celebration 3 in Indianapolis,and have been featured in many avenues,including USA TODAY, XM Satellite radio, Radar Report, and more.In 2006,Mark Tarrant left the band,and they added longtime pal Craig C. on bass,Marc Bode on guitar, and in early 2007 they added Kevin Bias on rythm guitar. Their music can be heard in "Heart of an Empire", a documentary about the 501st,a group of guys who dress up as stormtroopers and perform good deeds.Our drummer Rob has marched in full costume with the 501st several times at the annual Holyoke Saint Patrick's Day Parade here in Mass,and was featured on MTV TRUE LIFE-"I'm embarassed of my parents" as a stormtrooper who helps a friend bond with his father,who happens to be a "Jedi".PALLET has been played on NBC'S "Friday Night Lights", a series about the Permian Panthers High School Football team from Odessa,Texas.The influences among the group are many, and the band is nearly impossible to label.


Albums-Grandma EP (2002)
Life Under a Rock-(gurp records)(2005)
Untitled 5 song EP-(2006)
Tracks from Life Under a Rock and the 5 song EP can be listened to at our Myspace site,CDBaby,,, Tracks from all the records have been played on 106.9 WCCC out of Hartford,CT, and 99.3 "The Lazer",out of Longmeadow,MA. And of course, the local college stations.Our drummer, Rob, is a Disc Jockey at 99.3 The Lazer,a popular rock station out of Longmeadow,MA,which also helps! The band is scheduled to head back into the studio in October 2007.

Set List

Life Under a Rock, Weird Faced Girl,Heart Attack,Everybody Sucks,Don't go Skiing,Lied,Stuck in Carbonite,Fallen.Our set length depends on the amount of other bands on the bill for any given night. Anywhere from a Half-hour to about an hour and fifteen minutes, all ORIGINAL music.