Palmer is an intense noisecore band from Langenthal, Switzerland stretching todays' narrow boundaries of metal and hardcore creating a wall of emotion and sound.


Palmer was born in 2000 with musical influences reaching from Metal and Hardcore to electronic sounds and Jazz. Playing intense and honest music, Palmer has succeeded in gaining a reputation as an outstanding and powerful live act in the european metal scene. They have shared the stage with Orange Goblin, Kruger, Knut, Blood for Blood and many other hard music acts.

In 2004 the first EP was recorded containing four songs and the video clip "Who am I". In January 2007 "This one goes to eleven" was recorded at Little Creek Studios by Franky & VO from the infamous swiss metal band GurD. The album was released by Czar of Crickets in November 2007 and is now distributed worldwide.


2007 - This one goes to eleven (CD, Czar of Crickets)
2004 - Palmer (EP, self-distributed)

Set List

shedding skin
who am i
bury the bones
bitter sweet revenge
times past by
souls divided

Duration: 45 Minutes
(may vary upon request of promoter)